81 Year-Old WA Pensioner Loses $110,000 in Tax Scam

The ABC has reported that an octogenarian caring for his sick wife has lost $110,000 in a tax scam.

WA Consumer Protection says the 81 year old was duped by scammers pretending to be from the ATO.

The man was contacted by people claiming he owed money to the ATO and would be jailed if he did not pay immediately.

The scammers also told him his three children would lose their jobs.

Consumer Protection said it was the largest loss to this type of scam ever reported in WA, and they had received more than 850 inquiries as a result.

More than 157,000 has been lost as a result of the same scam in WA.

In a statement, Consumer Protection Commissioner Anne Discoll said she was alarmed by the aggressive nature of the calls.

“I am concerned that the increasingly threatening nature of the ATO scam calls is intimidating many in our community, including seniors, with the urgent demands forcing the victims to respond and lose their money to these heartless and ruthless criminals,” Ms Driscoll said.

“The most recent tactic has been hostile threats of court action, an arrest warrant or even prison for tax evasion unless money is paid as soon as possible.”

Ref: ABC website – news