Adding Value to YOUR Business By Improving Ours: Cloud Accounting

The Australia’s financial industry is entering a new level of existence, climbing almost as high as the stars. Well, maybe not that high. Capitalising On the Cloud by Proactive Accountants Network is throwing some light on the rapidly changing world of Cloud Accounting.


Rob Nixon, Proactive Accountants Network CEO & Founder, says he’s been approached by a number of professionals who claim they’ve been feeling fear rather than excitement about the cloud computing. Rob Nixon has been running successful businesses since 1986. He created a coaching model which enables firms to be accountable, to consistently learn and to share ideas amongst their peers.

On the 9th of April 2014, Rob Nixon gathered a large audience of accountants and financial advisors in Rydges in North Sydney, New South Wales, to share the idea of cloud accounting. He wanted to explain how businesses and customers can benefit from it and what challenges everyone will have to face to remain proactive and competitive.

Keeping up with the latest developments is what we believe makes us different here at ATB Chartered Accountants and this is why we could not miss out on the opportunity to join the seminar and share our journey with the rest of the community.


Did you know that only 8% (per cent) of Australian-based firms are embracing cloud accounting? There are up to 12% of businesses that are already in the cloud in New Zealand and less than 5% in the USA. This is something to reflect on! Despite the low figures, we have all been using cloud computing for almost a century now. Net Banking, Drop Box and old good Facebook are all cloud computing applications allowing us to access and share data in real time. Now, this is where the magic happens — IN REAL TIME.


Accountants are highly trusted professionals affecting people’s lives and making a difference in businesses’ operations. Just one piece of advice can change an individual’s or business’s course of life forever. However if the data is old what can you do with it to improve your present and future? Well, too little too late.

This is where Rob Nixon is raising a crucial to the industry question “Are you a Real Time Accountant or a Redundant Data Accountant? ” Looking at the yesterday’s figures, trying to build a better tomorrow doesn’t just sound ridiculous but it is, in fact, impossible. If the train has left the station there is no need in trying to run after it. Here, at ATB Chartered Accountants we understand and believe in thinking forward, not running after the departing train.

Why are ATB Chartered Accountants committed to moving 100% to the cloud? How will YOU benefit from it as our loyal client?


Moving to the cloud means we have access to your financial data 24/7, which will enable us to monitor your ups and downs. We can point out your strong points and flag any signs of weaknesses. Being able to review your financial situation at any point in time means we can react as soon as possible before a disaster strikes. Whether your cash flow is plummeting or you missed out on striking tax opportunities, we can prevent it before it happens.


Cloud accounting means we can access your data 24/7 from any spot in the world using any piece of technology whether it is mobile or stationary. We could even meet you for a cup of coffee on the beach, in the office or on the plane evaluating your strategy using iPad or a mobile phone.


As a result, while many accounting firms are remaining behind the time, we are moving forward to add priceless value to your business, to your holidays’ savings, your mortgage repayments and better personal relationships as a result of real time financial assistance.

We are here to stay, but we are moving forward to add value and make a difference!

This article is provided as general information only and does not consider your specific situation, objectives or needs. It does not represent accounting advice upon which any person may act. Implementation and suitability requires a detailed analysis of your specific circumstances.