ATB Chartered Accountants and Condon Associates join together to help Manufacturers in Western Sydney!

The manufacturing sector represents a core source of economic prosperity for Australia. Manufacturing firms have outperformed many other sectors of the economy in terms of its capacity to generate quality employment. Even though manufacturing has declined since the 1970s the downturn has been highly exaggerated. There are many successful manufacturers in Australia that have innovated in various ways across product design, process innovation, marketing strategies and business models.

ATB Chartered Accountants and Condon Associates have come together to help the manufacturers of Western Sydney to reach their full potential. Both firms are passionate about helping hard-working Australians to achieve success, earn the income they deserve and create jobs. Through many years of experience as business owners and executives themselves, the management team at ATB Chartered Accountants and Condon Associates understand exactly what business owners deal with on a daily basis and the challenges they face.

The manufacturer’s workshop is a breakfast that will provide practical solutions for manufacturer’s looking to improve their business. The event will involve a presentation of real-life case studies from one of Australia’s biggest brands (previously manufactured in Western Sydney) and one of Europe’s leading industrial suppliers. Throughout the workshop manufacturers will be provided with strategies that will add value to their business.

The speakers for the first event will be Richard Abela and Michael Mekhitarian. Richard has over 30 years corporate managerial experience in top 100 ASX listed Australian and privately owned multinational companies. During this time, Richard has worked in various roles ranging from senior finance, operations management, sales and marketing and as the CEO of many well-known companies. Richard has worked for Elders, Brambles, Boral, Pacific Brands, Bonds, King Gee and Hettich International. Richard is now with Condon Associates Group as the head of the turnaround practice. Condon Associates group philosophy is to preserve stakeholder value and provide pragmatic genuine guidance to those in distress. Based in Western Sydney for over 25 years the Condon Associates Group has built an esteemed reputation for honest, trusted genuine advice for business small, medium and large.

Michael is a highly experienced certified practising accountant (CPA), he sits on the board of several companies and is the president of the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce. Michael, Jim and Paul are the directors of the Parramatta based accounting firm ATB Chartered Accountants, which was founded over 20 years ago. The successful firm is well known for its highly sought after tax consultants, financial advisors and business mentors. ATB Chartered Accountants specialises in providing advice to clients in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, professional services, franchise and construction.

The breakfast event will be held on the 23rd July from 7:15am until 9:00am at the Condon Associates offices. The event is strictly limited to 15 attendees and is exclusive to manufacturers. To book, please contact Melanie from ATB Chartered Accountants on or call (02) 9687 1042. Please visit or for more information.

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