Unleashed is one of the fastest growing cloud-based inventory management system. It’s an easy-to-use online solution that helps you understand your businesses essential inventory health.  

They are also a Xero add-on partner. Which means that you can use this software to link into your financial data and help you make the right decisions about growing your business.

Unleashed Cloud-based Inventory Management System

Reporting and Inventory Control in Real-time

As with most cloud-based software, the advantage of this software is the ability to see accurate, real-time data. It allows you to see stock visibility and make decisions based on data-driven reports.

On the go

Using the sales app, you can access inventory information on your phone. Allowing you to make sales wherever you are. Link this in with your financial system and you can produce reports to see how your business is performing.

Calculate Cost of Goods

Cloud-based inventory software allows you to get a better understanding of your production costs, maintain healthy margins and accurately calculate the true cost of goods. This will enable you to better manage your financial expenses and make better decisions on purchases.

Right place, right time

Batch and serial number tracking allows you to see where your products are through the production process. Multiple warehouses, in any location across the globe can be managed seamlessly. Your customer’s experience can be vastly improved using this information as you can give them detailed supply and delivery information.

Unleashed Cloud-based Inventory Management System
Unleashed Cloud-based Inventory Management System

Order management efficiencies

Using online software, you can quickly and easily create and manage orders and will always be able to see the stock available. You can purchase stock, centralise your requirements and make purchasing decisions easy.


Global economies are becoming more relevant, and with a system that has a multi-currency option, you can maximise control and maintain accuracy over your global supply chain.

Differences in currencies and conversion rates are made easier to report on, with the integration to your cloud-based accounting system.


When you integrate your cloud-based accounting software, such as Xero with your inventory management system you will experience more efficient business processes and allow greater visibility over your financial situation.

Understand your Margins

Gain a better understanding of your business and simplify your picking and pricing decisions.

Unleashed Cloud-based Inventory Management System
Unleashed Cloud-based Inventory Management System

Analyse & Predict

Online data allows you to produce reports to analyse past inventory trends and predict future needs. You can also adjust for seasonal differences in demand.

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