Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management software that lets retailers run their business in-store, online, and via mobile.

Cloud-based software allows your business to work smarter and faster. It is efficient and cost effective because you don’t need to maintain servers, data file backups and data bases.

Vend Point of Sale

Vend Features

  • POS software
  • inventory management
  • E-commerce
  • customer loyalty
  • reporting analytics.

Extend the power

Vend integrates and works seamlessly with other retail applications, so you can connect to Xero, a best-in-class cloud-based accounting software.

Easily manage & grow your business in the cloud with power of these technologies.

Save time and get accurate data

Your store’s daily sales, payment totals, invoices, cost of goods sold, and customer details in Vend automatically sync to Xero.

You save time by entering data into only one of your systems, not multiple systems and it’s more accurate as you’re only entering it once.

Vend Point of Sale

Intuitive and user friendly

With a modern interface Vend has been designed specifically for retail. It’s an easy to use cloud-based software application and your staff will be producing data-driven reports in no-time.

You gain insights into your retail store, that will help you make smarter, and more profitable decisions.

Intuitive and user friendly

Vend works on all modern internet browsers on iPad, Mac or PC with popular hardware.

It’s easy for your team to use, whether you have one store or twenty.  Access your information easily using your existing hardware and software.

Grow your business

When you’re ready to expand your retail business, Vend will be able to support you.  It’s flexible design grows with your business; add a new outlet, warehouse or pop-up store with a few clicks of a button.

Latest Features Automatically

Because Vend is cloud-based, the latest features and system updates are automatically installed and you have immediate access to them. No more waiting for IT to upgrade your system for you, it’s already done.

Vend Point-of-Sale - Add-on for Xero Cloud-based accounting software
Vend Point-of-Sale - Add-on for Xero Cloud-based accounting software

Economical software

With Vend you get access to point of sale, inventory management, ecommerce, reporting and customer loyalty software programs for a fraction of the cost of traditional POS system.Increase efficiency, and save money at the same time.

Real-time Reporting

Powerful reporting gives you the knowledge to drive your business forward and make financial decisions based on real data.

Vend supercharges your Xero reports. Track sales, revenue and profit margins by product, brand, staff, or store to understand your true performance, in real-time.

Flexible Access

With cloud-based software you can sign in and work from anywhere. Sales, products and reports are always available to you. Check on your stock, make sure it’s maintained, see where it is – in real time.

World-class CX

Improve your customer’s experience and you’ll improve your sales. Vend streamlines your checkout process, reduces customer waiting time and also gives you multiple payment options.

Vend Point-of-Sale - Add-on for Xero Cloud-based accounting software
Vend Point of Sale

Reliability and dependability

You can rely on Vend to be there for you. Service delivery infrastructure ensures the highest level of security and is supported by a world-class network, with sophisticated servers and automated backup process.

The Vend system works while offline and automatically syncs when you’re back online.  So all your sales and financial information will be there when you need it.


Vend integrates with other business and payments applications including Shopify, Square, Xero and PayPal, and is a key retail partner in Apple’s global Mobility Partner Program.

Vend is Australia’s leading retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce & customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Easily manage & grow your business in the cloud.

Reduce cash-handling risk

Any discrepancies between banked deposits and daily cash totals can be viewed when you sync your cash payments, petty cash and float movements with Xero.  See where issues are simply and easily before they become major problems.

Accounts Management

Monitor outstanding purchases and overdue accounts with Xero and choose either Vend or Xero to manage payments and invoices.  

Vend Point-of-Sale - Add-on for Xero Cloud-based accounting software
Vend Point-of-Sale - Add-on for Xero Cloud-based accounting software

Contact Details are key

Having correct contact details for the suppliers and customers in your database, makes everything easier.

Update your contact details in Xero and they’ll show up in Vend and vice-versa.

You’ll be sending invoices and sales confirmations to the right person, resulting in more efficient payments and increased cash-flow.

We’ll look at the best cloud-based option for you

Vend is one of the many options we use to assist our retail clients. We take a detailed look at your needs, and make recommendations to fit your specific requirements. Contact us now to discuss your needs with us.

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