Charles Anderson

How a health scare and ATB’ support changed Charles Anderson’s future

Four years ago, Charles Anderson’s life threw him some unexpected challenges. 

He needed time off work for surgery, which unfortunately led to redundancy.

He had a family to support and was uncertain what the future would bring.

Charles is now the successful owner of DPF Sales Australia, importing and wholesaling diesel particulate filters in Australia. 

With ATB’s accounting services and mentoring, Charles turned his challenges and a timely opportunity into long-term financial security.

Solid Self Managed Super Fund advice

Solid Self Managed Super Fund advice

Charles was already an ATB client before he started DPF, with Michael Mekhitarian providing advice on a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) to him and his wife.

“We were going along quite normally, we were quite a typical couple, both on salaries.

There wasn’t much in the super fund, we had a low mortgage on the house and I was on an average wage.

With ATB’s advice, we went from that position, to owning two investment properties in our SMSF, leveraging off the equity we had in our home and having really low debt. Unfortunately, redundancy stopped the purchase of property number three.”

Charles Anderson - Small Business Story

Opportunity that ATB turned into reality

Charles was a successful sales manager when he was told he needed open heart surgery four years ago.

He needed three to six months off work to recover and this led to his position being made redundant. Charles was 55, with two kids, a mortgage, albeit a low one, no income and few job opportunities. Even a visit to a specialist recruiter for over 55s offered little prospect.

“I found I was struggling to find work. But then I saw this opportunity with DPF and I knew it was right for me. And ATB helped me turn it into a reality.”

Charles Anderson - Small Business Story

Business setup - part of the ATB service

Charles started DPF Sales just over three years ago, when he realised the growing market for Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) in Australia was a huge opportunity.

DPF Sales is an Australian-based company offering high quality DPFs, an emission device fitted to all late model diesels.

DPF Sales import product from the UK and China and source some locally here in Australia.

ATB initially helped Charles with an ABN, and things were going well, so ATB established his company as a Pty Ltd and they have done his books and accountancy work ever since.

“They give me business advice when I need it, but they don’t intrude. It’s good to know they’re there if I need them.”

Charles Anderson - Small Business Story

Real business results

“ATB’s service easily exceeded our expectations. I was looking for finance and property advice, so I booked into a financial planning session and got the ball rolling.

It was all done very methodically and properly.

I have gone from wondering how I would get back on track from when I was an employee, to being a lot better off than most people – it’s a great result.”

Ongoing accounting support

“I can make an appointment any time I like and I speak to Samina or Adele once or twice a week. I can ask them silly little things – how do I reconcile this, there’s something unusual here, how do I clean this up; I must drive them crazy! They have a back door into Xero so it’s quick and easy for them to help me.”

Charles Anderson - Small Business Story

A true business partnership

Charles relies on ATB to provide proactive financial advice, not just for his business dealings but for his personal finance as well.

“Michael suggested that I diversify my product range – he’s always helping me to consider other options and what’s next.

I get recommendations from the team all the time; tax advice or foreign exchange and funding advice.”

Specialist financial advice

Charles likes that ATB offers a wide range of financial services.

“They have a broad knowledge base, more than I could get at a smaller accounting firm. They offer financial planning, tax services, super fund advice; I have access to different specialists within ATB but it’s always personal service tailored to my needs.”

Charles Anderson - Small Business Story

Support and advice for the long term

ATB’s accountancy advice now means that the business is in the financial position to support Charles visiting suppliers overseas.

“I’m pretty happy with the business, it’s paying the mortgage and the bills and has allowed me to take four overseas trips, two with the family. We wouldn’t be in this position without ATB; they’re good at what they do and are easy to get along with. And using Xero enables me to keep my paperwork under control efficiently.”

“The business keeps me busy: marketing and shipping and now overseas trips to see suppliers, it’s great. I never thought I’d be able to travel as much!”

The Future Looks Bright!

The future looks bright!

“I love my business; I like working with ATB – my world is rosy. I came from the terrible position of nearly having to sell the house and not knowing what the future would hold, to now being comfortable and growing.

I don’t know where we’ll be in five years. But I want the business to grow and I want to be relaxing on the beach too! And at the moment, I can see it happening. Sounds like the perfect position to be in.”

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