“We knew there were gaps in our business and growth strategy … and it concerned us.”

Just two years ago, Ty Wiggins from Converge Consulting knew something was missing, he just didn’t know what it was.

He had been in business for six years and was ready to scale for growth … he just needed to find the right person.

“We had a good accountant … but he wasn’t proactive, and we didn’t feel he was providing us with enough information about growth, expenditure and resource allocation.”

Above and Beyond

Confidence moving forward …

Our initial discussions with Paul and the team gave us peace of mind and confidence that ATB would guide us in the areas we didn’t fully understand…

They gave us a much clearer view. We were so impressed with the onboarding process … it was seamless, and we were extremely confident we were taking the right steps forward.”

Finding the way forward – with a new breed of accountants

Because ATB are proactive business accountants, they do more than just monthly meetings, BAS reporting and taxation obligations. They are involved in your business matters every step of the way.

It’s time to meet your Virtual CFO

One of the first steps ATB took to ensure the growth and success of Converge Consulting was to set up a complete external accounting solution … a Virtual CFO. This gave Ty, and Converge Consulting, more time and energy to do what they do best – work on their business, not in it.

“ATB handle all our financial and tax accounting, and they also do management reporting … and act as our Virtual CFO.

Virtual CFO

We communicate with ATB weekly and work with a number of different people in the ATB office, dependent on what our needs are. It’s an incredibly positive and proactive solution.

We utilise payroll facilities, tax planning and compliance, management reports … but a key part of our relationship is strategy.”

Financially smarter… how ATB do the simple stuff really, really well

“Early on in our relationship, ATB identified we weren’t claiming the right amount in our quarterly BAS reporting … we were able to uncover a significant return in the first quarter. It meant a great deal.”

Model for success

Setting up a model for success

“We invest half an hour a week with ATB. They really are our business partner. They have provided us with great peace of mind.

We can’t be experts in all areas … so we leave the business accounting stuff to the real experts. We no longer have to worry about what we don’t know. Also, we understand our figures and business strategy a lot better than we ever did before.”

Proven value … each and every time

“ATB have raised issues we need to be concerned about and focused on … and every time they do that it breeds more confidence in the process. We trust that ATB are being proactive on our behalf, and they’ve proved time and time again their value to us.”

A partner in the clouds

“It wasn’t hard to convert us to a cloud-based accounting solution, as we already utilised many cloud programs. However, we’ve seen a massive difference with our accounting expense reporting and the way we have improved communication with key staff and clients.”

Partner in the cloud

Drum roll please …

Since moving their business accounting and CFO services over to ATB Chartered Accountants two years ago, Converge Consulting has seen an incredible 40% growth.

“And more importantly, expenses haven’t grown at the same rate, and that’s directly due to ATB’s outstanding support and influence.”

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