Because HR Provider White Collar Blue operate in a competitive business space, they needed an accounting team to work closely with them to get the structure and business operations right.

“When we launched White Collar Blue seven years ago, Paul was involved every step of the way. We developed a close, enduring, business working relationship which has developed into a close friendship.

Although I was initially apprehensive about the start-up, I knew I was in safe hands and that my best interests were being looked after. I knew I’d get the support, structure and financial advice I needed to get my business off the ground.

Above and Beyond

Above and beyond

“As a start-up, you’re always juggling. There are so many balls in the air! In my experience, not many people go above and beyond, but Paul is an accountant who always does. Ours is a friendship built through trust and a natural consequence of doing business for such a long time.

We meet at the end of each month and bi-monthly for an overview.”

Being part of a business doesn’t mean living in each other’s pockets, or being involved day to day, but it does mean playing a role in the ongoing management of operations.

And when things don’t go as planned, ATB is able to step up their level of service and involvement to produce a result that keeps their clients in a winning position.

… more than just a business accountant

“We lost a key member of our in-house accounting staff last Christmas, and as you can imagine, the timing wasn’t great. It was very stressful to lose someone in charge of our front end financial side, but ATB found a solution and made the process very easy.” 

Using ATB as their Virtual CFO for a three-month period was the answer.

We had a discussion on all key points. They reviewed our processes and our needs, gave us a quote and took on all our financial requirements for a three-month period. It bought us time to find the right person and make the right decision.

More than just a Business

Being a busy HR company and having hundreds of people on our payroll, we assumed it would be difficult not having someone in house for that period … but we were wrong. Of course there were a few hiccups along the way, but for the most part ATB did an incredible job.”

Finding the way forward

Being able to properly understand and manage the intricate details of his company structure was an integral part of moving forward for Grant.

“We had a few road-blocks along the way – we needed to look at the company structure, use of ABNs, investment portfolios and property services so we could move forward as a business.”

Making the impossible, possible

Because the team at ATB are experienced in so many areas of high level business accounting and financial services, they were able to solve some real problems White Collar Blue were having with their Temp Services and Permanent Payroll.

“We needed a migration and payroll status licence. On Paul’s advice, we applied to the migration department for a licence to secure a sales specialist from overseas … 

…but to apply for that licence we had to ensure 1% of our payroll was spent on training. At that stage we only had a small amount, but we were able to secure it thanks to some strategic advice.

We set up another entity, and another payroll under a new ABN which allowed us to legitimately apply for migration status … and payroll status was easily obtainable.

Paul and the team at ATB have been instrumental in laying down the groundwork of business structure and strategic financial advice ... and I know they are always just a phone call away.”

When experience counts

While Grant draws on the different strengths within the ATB team, he deals primarily with Paul and Samina.

He also manages a good, long-term relationship with Sandy, who he says is an ‘exceptional support’.

An almost-perfect partnership

“ATB are like family. Every now and again there’ll be a bump in the road, but our relationship is open and transparent. Neither party is perfect, but there’s a level of maturity in the partnership, and we are able to work through any challenges.”

Proactive Accountants

… nurtured in the cloud

Being proactive accountants who moved their own business to the cloud long before their peers, it’s no surprise that ATB had been encouraging White Collar Blue to move their business over to Xero for some time.

“We moved over to Xero last year and it was an absolutely fantastic decision. It was a tough decision to make – there was a lot of uncertainty involved, but it’s opened our eyes, and we are now looking at other opportunities to use cloud-based technology. 

ATB were instrumental, and the driving force, behind our move from MYOB to Xero. And it was the best decision we could have made.”

Looking forward … thinking forward … moving forward

“The team at ATB are very important to our operations and to our growth moving forward. HR is an impossibly overcrowded market, but with their help we have been able to stand tall and look forward.”

For Grant Styles, Paul and the team at ATB have given him sanity – and time – back in his busy schedule.

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