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Forward thinking and the right advice help Norwest Wellness owner take control for long-term growth

Samantha Saba is the owner of Norwest Wellness Pty Ltd. Her clinic specialises in chiropractic treatment, massage and kinesiology, amongst other techniques.

Since starting the company 9 years ago, Samantha’s business has grown. Given the knowledge and skills to take control of her business, Samantha now has a team of 10 at her practice in Baulkham Hills and has taken back precious time for her personal life.

Samantha has known Michael Mekhitarian since she opened her first business in Parramatta 14 years ago …

She had a personal accountant during the time she was working as a contractor.

But when she went through the transition of opening her own small business, things changed. She needed an experienced accountant and mentor to guide her through the process.

In it for the long haul

“Michael and I were in the same business networking group. I knew Michael to be someone I got on well with and could work with comfortably, so I made the decision to partner with ATB.

Michael helped me to look at things in a monetary way. We focused on my business accounting, but also on my personal financial growth.”

As their relationship developed and her business grew, Samantha sought additional financial planning advice from Michael.

Norwest Wellness

This included setting up her Self Managed Super Fund and looking at the best way to maintain her financial stability long term.

“Michael guided me through purchasing my current business premises and establishment of my family trust.

I’ve also now got investment properties in my name and I’m looking to grow my property portfolio with the information and advice Michael has given me. His experience has been invaluable in helping me to build up my equity.”

The right advice

“I couldn’t have grown my business and investments without Michael; I would not have been in such a secure position.

He has definitely helped me with my ability to put funds where they’re needed. I have a high turnover of money through my practice.

But I needed the right mentoring to manage my finances in the correct way to get me to the point I’m at today.

Ultimately, if I need any accounting advice, I speak to one of the team at ATB and they can often help me.

If they can’t, they will arrange a meeting with Michael. Normally, Michael and I meet twice a year. If I have a question about Xero or need ongoing support there will always be someone on hand to assist.”

Mentoring and forward thinking

“Our meetings tend to be more than just looking at my accounts. Michael is a great mentor and guides me through working any issues out.

At our next meeting, we will be discussing my options for purchasing additional property. We’re always planning ahead and working towards outcomes that will benefit me most in the long term.”

Business decisions with clarity

“Michael and the team keep me in line. Mainly in the respect that I would probably have gone out and purchased more property earlier on because my bank account told me it was ok!

But Michael tells me when to pause, stay on track and keep in mind what the tax department will need from me. 

Norwest Wellness

He helps me to see things with clarity and make the right choices at the right time.

Adele and Bhavna at ATB also keep me on track with my accounts, which can get confusing. They are on top of what needs to be paid and when, and they help me stay organised and across my obligations.”

Security and loyalty

“In the future, I’m hoping to continue to grow my property portfolio. I’m a qualified naturopath too, so that might be another pathway for me.

When I first started working with Michael I was single. I now have a husband and two kids, a business and a growing property portfolio.

The accountants at ATB work with my husband’s business and manage our personal tax too.

Security and loyalty play a big part in my relationship with Michael. He’s been part of my journey and only ever done what’s best for me. I’m really getting the best accounting service there is.”

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