Numbers don’t lie. How ATB accountants took this plumber’s turnover from 600k to 1.6million in just under 3 years


Success in a niche market

It’s not easy to define what Constellation Services do. They’re plumbers, but they’re not the regular, call out if you have a leaking toilet, type plumbers. They’re in a niche market, and one, thanks to ATB Partners, they’ve been able to successfully compete in.

‘Before we went to ATB, we had a total lack of direction with regards to financials and goals. We didn’t understand the accounting side of things, and though we tried to understand the ‘numbers’ we really were blind.’ Matthew Carle, Constellation Services Pty Ltd.

ATB helped this plumber enjoy his business again…by helping him take control, and plan for growth.

Numbers don’t lie

Jim understood our business...

Our business wasn’t doing well, and I knew we needed something more than the traditional Mr and Mrs Smith Accounting Services. I spent 3 years searching for the right person to help us’.

And then they found ATB.

Jim understood what my business was trying to do. Jim was interested and engaged and could see that this just wasn’t an everyday business. 

He took the time to engage with us – we weren’t just another number to him… He cared, and it showed with each and every interaction’.

Numbers don’t lie

A shared vision for the future...

There were a few roadblocks along the way. Jim, and the business accountants at ATB had a clear vision about what Constellation needed to do in order to achieve their goals.

‘We were sole traders, and based on a full analysis of the business, Jim made recommendations that would improve our tax position, our bottom line, and our specialist area. In other words, he created a plan for the future.

‘We closed the business as sole traders and reopened as a Pty Ltd… and put new structures in place.

Forward thinking, proactive advice

Forward thinking, proactive advice

‘ATB also recognised that as a business, we were trying to do everything…we had no specialist area. In partnership with us, they crunched the numbers and developed a plan for success in a specialist area.

‘We also set up a trust fund as part of the company structure….It was massive, massive change.

‘Jim said we’d almost have to start again, and we did. It’s taken some time, but we’ve come out of it stronger than ever before.

A future written in the clouds

‘During that period we also moved from MYOB to Xero (cloud accountancy) … there were new processes to learn, but we learned them well before many of our competitors.

‘The impact of cloud based accounting was massive. It brought us structure, gave us back time, and brought more profit. Invoices are out quicker. The difference is real time, or as close to as you can get.

‘ATB are always looking for better ways and tools, and technology to help you. They really are ahead of the game’.

Numbers don’t lie

A Partner in the Business

Because ATB accountants do more for their clients than just their quarterly BAS reporting and end of year financial statement and tax, they form deep friendships with their clients. And because they become more involved, they are able to offer more services to benefit and add value to businesses.

‘The support and care is there. If there is a problem or you need to bounce an idea off someone you can call on them 24/7.

Numbers don’t lie

Psychology 101

‘When we meet with Jim at our monthly and quarterly meetings, it’s like a psychology session…

Whatever hard times I am experiencing,

I am always given advice that is strategic, wise and direct.

Jim’s advice is invaluable to me, and to the success of Constellation, and I know with his confidence we’ll survive’.

Planning for Success

Before the start of each financial year, ATB and Constellation set out a budget and a clearly defined strategy for success. This leads to monthly and quarterly analysis and strategy sessions.

Growth with ATB

Growth, Growth and More Growth

‘Since moving over to ATB, the growth we have experienced has far exceeded my expectations.

• First financial year we turned over 600k
• 2nd financial year 900k
• 3rd financial year 1.6million

Since his search for the right business accountant led him to ATB, Matthew Carle says his business and personal wealth has grown and the trust he has in his business partners has brought stability to his business and personal life.

“Thanks to ATB I am enjoying business again and I know the company is on track to deliver me and my family the future I always dreamed of.”

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