Do you need product liability insurance?

Do you need product liability insurance?

If you sell a ‘product’, then it is important to protect your business against any claims of damage or injury that could potentially arise from these products.

Product liability can be included as part of your public liability insurance policy, and it protects your business in the instance that a product sold or supplied through your business causes damage or personal injury to a customer, or someone who comes into contact with the product.

Engage professional

This includes if you import products, or manufacturer them.

Even when products appear entirely safe, there is always a possibility for something to go wrong, accidents happen and even if your business is not at fault, you do need to ensure that you can take time to assess the situation and engage professional (perhaps specialist) lawyers to defend yourself and your business reputation if need be.

Legal fees

Legal fees in these instances can be significant and so having product liability insurance is simply peace of mind that you can afford to get the right advice and continue to run your business, secure in the knowledge that you’re protected.

As well as legal fees, product liability insurance would also cover any compensation claims.

Always ensure that you get professional advice to find the right policy for your business.


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