Government support for NSW Businesses

Financial support

Government support for NSW Businesses

The New South Wales Government has announced a support package for businesses trying to cope with the effects of the Omicron outbreaks across the state.

Support will be available from the beginning of February. 

By ATB Partners 

Payroll suport

“As in the past, we are keeping an eye on the details as they emerge, and we will be in contact with clients as more information is released,” says Michael Mekhitarian.  “This is what we know so far:” 

  • A payment of up to $5000 per week (20% of payroll) is available for businesses with turnover between $75,000 and $50 million who suffered a 40% downturn in January and expect to suffer the same downturn for the month of February.
  • The  Small Business Fees and Charges rebate programme has also been extended to $3000, and can include 50% of the costs incurred to acquire Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs)  for the workplace. 

Relief for Commercial Landlords

Commercial landlord relief has been extended until 13 March. 

“This is sensible support for many businesses still being majorly disrupted by the pandemic,” says JIm Vass.  

“The Omicrom outbreak may persist for some time, so while businesses adjust, particularly to the crisis in supply chains, staffing issues, and putting in place appropriate health and safety mechanisms for their people and their customers, this will ease some of the financial pressures,” Jim explains.

“We’re looking carefully at the support available  in order to assist any clients who need it, but we expect that, as with the last  round of support in 2021, businesses will be able to apply themselves, and the process should be relatively straightforward,” says Paul Rattray. 

Check your eligibility and get ready to apply

“In the meantime, clients should carefully look at the eligibility criteria and make sure they are able to apply. We’re also encouraging clients – and have been since support packages were originally made available in 2020 –  to keep meticulous records and calculations in case  they are audited at a future date.” 

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