How to apply for Covid Financial assistance in New South Wales

Business grants are now available and you can apply via the Service NSW website. Read on for information about how to apply and how ATB Partners can help you at this time.

By ATB Partners 

TAX cuts for SMEs

Business grants up to $15,000

Information is now available on the Services NSW website and applications for the business grant (up to $15,000) are open.

There is still more information to come in relation to the Jobsaver payments. The Microbusiness support package will be open later this month. We will keep you updated on both as we receive more information.

If you’re applying for the business grant, the quickest and easiest way is to do it yourself. Unlike the Federal JobKeeper assistance last year, this process is fairly straightforward, and you can DIY.

Next steps

  • STEP 1. Check the following links for information. Read through the eligibility criteria and the application process carefully.

Business support information.

  • STEP 2. Verification. You may need to include a letter / statement your accountant to include in your application, as proof of eligibility.

You may need to include a letter / statement from us to include in your application, as proof of eligibility.

We have attempted to log on to Services NSW , however the system is overloaded so we are unable to clarify exactly what information is needed

However, it would appear that an accountants letter may be required as was the case with the last round of State Government Grants

We are recommending DIY applications so as to access any eligible grants ASAP. If you hit a problem completing your application and need our help, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

You can contact us on 9687 1042 to request a letter/ statement, otherwise you should direct all inquiries to Service NSW.

Ona final note, here is a really useful PDF supplied by the NSW Government which we recommend you download and print to keep has a handy reference guide.