How To Motivate Your Team in 5 Minutes!

Even though we are “Accountants”, we find a great deal of our advice is beyond the numbers. Quite often we find ourselves Mentoring Business Owners in helping them make their businesses more effective, ensure their Marketing is doing what it should be and also at times have focused on the importance of staff. From a Financial Perspective, staff can easily make or break a business and these are some of our fine tips on the topic of getting the most out of them.

After all – Has your team lost their spark? Do they seem to be wallowing in the doldrums rather than riding the waves of effective productivity?

Below are four quick and easy techniques to put some wind back in their sails:

What’s the Big Picture?

What is the mission statement for your company? What is the overarching vision and business goal? It is important that not only is this clear to you, but that you can impart this vision to your employees. Day to day tasks can become drudgery, but if people can clearly see that the roles and tasks they perform are integral to the overall success of the company, it will help them to become and remain motivated. Remind your team “why” they are doing something and why it is important. Which leads to…


Each task performed by each individual should be important to the overall achievement and success of your organisation. Too often people think that their roles are unimportant or their tasks too small to make a significant contribution or impact on the whole. However, reminding your team of the importance of the process can re-energise them into taking ownership of the results, boosting your company’s overall productivity. They may also be able to implement strategies to streamline some of those processes. Use this motivational task to weed out any redundancies in your organisation too.


Be observant in your discussions with your team members. Pick up on the oral and visual clues that they provide that will help you realise what will motivate them at that moment. What are the key words or phrases that they say with more emphasis? What themes get them animated or make them sit up straighter? The signs may be subtle – an unconscious wriggle or a widened eye – but they will be there. Address the key words – not only will your employee be motivated more easily, they will feel validated that their interests are being addressed.


Acknowledging the successes of your team is one of the easiest and h3est ways to maintain motivation. Conversely, should you motivate them to take an action and then not acknowledge the achievement – don’t be surprised if they are jaded and unresponsive in the future. We can be very quick to point out others’ shortcomings without adequately recognising their strengths. Recognition need not necessarily be effusive, but an expression of gratitude builds a better team and a better company.

We trust these points help you beyond the numbers in more effective management of your staff and their performance. If you ever need a hand, drop us a line. ATB Partners, based in Parramatta, Sydney offers tax, accounting and financial advice as well as mentoring for small business owners. We would be honoured to help!

This article is provided as general information only and does not consider your specific situation, objectives or needs. It does not represent accounting advice upon which any person may act. Implementation and suitability requires a detailed analysis of your specific circumstances.