Introducing three new team members

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Introducing three new team members

We’d like to introduce three new team members who have joined us recently. Jane, Henry and Ana Rose bring additional experience to our accounting, SMSF and paraplanning services.


Jane Chen - Client Manager

Jane’s career path to accounting is not entirely typical. She has an Architecture and Commerce degree, but after several years in the banking industry, decided to qualify as an accountant.

With expertise in the areas of accounting and business advisory, taxation and SMSFs she helps clients with various financial challenges and issues.

Jane’s client service philosophy is to building trust in her relationships with clients, by providing accurate information and meeting deadlines.


Henry Zhang - Paraplanner

Henry Zhang has recently joined ATB in the role of paraplanner. He has a Master of Economics, DFP, ADFP, and his key areas of expertise are growth strategies, product research, modelling, and compliance.

With a strong attention to detail, Henry enjoys a challenge. At ATB Partners, he says he is enjoying the opportunity to become deeply involved in client’s businesses and to find solutions that can really add value to their businesses and therefore, their overall lifestyle.

Ana Rose Lapuz - Accountant

Ana is a Certified Practicing Accountant who joins ATB after working in a role as a dedicated SMSF accountant.

At ATB Ana will continue to work with SMSFs, but will also have opportunities to broaden her skill set into other areas of accounting.

Ana’s client philosophy is to add value, whenever she can,  and to help clients grow their businesses.

A time of transition

We’re well aware that we’re fortunate to be in a position of being able to employ additional staff right now.

While the economic indicators are pretty positive, the vaccine is coming, and the virus seems to be well under control, we do see some trepidation from the small business sector overall, and that’s to be expected. There are still some months of transition ahead.

Right now, small businesses need a range of support. So, to assist clients, we are presenting a series of regular educational and informative webinars which you can join for free, jam-packed with good advice, tools and strategies.

Stay informed by signing up to our webinar series

These sessions are interactive, so you can ask questions and gain clarity. We bring in experts who leave the jargon at the door and distil complex issues into bite-sized chunks, so you gain real insight and key take-aways. And, if you can’t make it to a live session, then you can catch up with the recording on our YouTube channel.

We also aim to make these sessions 60 minutes max. That’s about the same amount of time as a lunch break. A commute. A session at the gym.

When small business benefits, everyone benefits.

And if the topic interests your key people, or other small business owners you know, you’re welcome to pass the invitation on.

We are a small business ourselves, we know the challenges SMEs face, and we know the vital role SMEs will play in the coming months, pulling Australia through the pandemic-related recession. We’ve built a team of experts some of whom work for us, some of whom collaborate with us, and who also share this philosophy. Because when the small business sector thrives, everybody benefits.

What we have noticed from working with many small businesses over the past 12 months, those business which plan continuously, and seek expertise to drill down into their numbers, and gain insight and understanding into what those numbers actually mean, have been better placed to deal with the uncertainties.

If there’s a lesson, it’s that there is real benefit in surrounding yourself with knowledgeable people who can bring fresh perspectives and expertise in areas you’re not strong in, and of course, arming yourself with credible information so you can make astute decisions.

If you’d like to know more about the free webinar series, then please sign up to our mailing list or follow us on social media: Facebook and LinkedIn.


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