Looking forward instead of the rearview mirror. The role of the proactive accountant

We’re a whole new breed

As the industry evolves, so too does the role of the business accountant. Rather than meeting their clients once a year for tax compliance matters, the proactive accountant is now engaging with clients frequently, checking their cash flow and budget, and advising on not just business affairs, but moving forward with their personal wealth. This brave new breed of proactive accountants are changing the way we do business.

More than a traditional accountant

A proactive accountant will ensure you are in full control of the financial aspect of your business.. We deliver all the services you would expect from a traditional tax accounting service… but the difference is that a proactive accountant also works in partnership with you to keep you in a powerful forward-facing position.

More than a tax agent

Unlike traditional accountants, who prepare your tax return and financial statements but don’t really get involved in your business, a proactive accountant will add real value to your business. They do this by building proactive partnerships to help you achieve business success and build personal wealth.

But a proactive accountant also looks beyond the figures. They get to know you.

More than a bookkeeper

Most bookkeepers aren’t skilled in identifying strengths and weaknesses within a business. A proactive accountant will look at your big picture and construct a dynamic plan to help you achieve financial success.

5 ways your pro-active accountant can put you in a position of strength

Business Goals – By understanding what you are trying to achieve, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and developing a dynamic business and operational structure that will help best achieve those goals.

Figures – By understanding what it takes to operate your business, how effective that operation should be, and how that should be funded both in good times and bad.

Cloud-based Software Solutions – Because we utilise the very best in cloud-based accounting systems, all your data is accurate and accessible collaboratively, from anywhere in the world.

Planning – With better information comes your ability to make better decisions. Planning with that information provides focus, clarity and options.

Value and Analysis – With analysis comes the ability to take control of the wheel. A proactive accountant makes sure growth is good growth, while helping you make good decisions in difficult times, and always keeping your long-term goals in focus.

We really do make a difference

Clients have always wanted more from their accountants, and cloud-based technology allows us to focus on giving you proactive strategic advice to help you grow your business.

The introduction of these new accounting solutions has given us back the one thing we really need… time.

The difference is your bottom line

The proactive accountant will focus clearly on your business needs in the present, looking forward and not in the rearview mirror. They are with you every step of the way… and their deep understanding of your needs helps to grow your business, protect your wealth and provide a complete range of financial solutions.

You will see the difference, in your bottom line.

And now you’ve got some time back, you can spend it getting back to what you do best….building your business.