As you scale your business, are you struggling to stay on top of complex financial requirements including cash flow management, asset protection, tax compliance, payroll, bookkeeping, accounting and reporting?

Are you confident that you have the cashflow to cover this year’s expenses and next year’s tax? Do you really know if what you are doing in your organisation today will deliver the financial outcomes both you and your fellow directors want tomorrow?

An Outsourced Finance Department

ATB partners are proactive, forward-looking business accountants. We are hugely experienced across multiple industry sectors and deliver all the traditional tax accounting services you expect. But the ATB difference is that we work in partnership with you to deliver a complete outsourced finance department or virtual CFO. Put simply, we manage every aspect of your business finances, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. Here’s how it works.


1: Understand the issues

We find many owners and directors of medium-sized businesses come to us motivated to move forwards with clarity and focus, but their current in-house accounting solution simply isn’t delivering the numbers and reports they need to make confident decisions.

Generally they are frustrated with their current, largely reactive accountant who manages their tax but fails to be proactive and plan for the future.

The first step in working with your organisation is to understand the problems you face day to day and also to clearly define where each director wants to take the business.

Our initial diagnostic meeting follows a proven process we’ve developed over many years. We take a deep dive into the business and ask questions about the daily operations, taxation strategy, reporting, budgets and payment structures.

We also find out about each director’s family, and personal financial circumstances now, as well as their ideal lifestyle goals today and in the future. Once we understand where every stakeholder is now and where they each want to get to we can start to lay down the framework to success.


2: Analyse your business

Many, many business directors feel ongoing frustration because they are unable to identify the key issues stopping the business reaching its potential.

Many don’t know which part of their business is the most profitable, why their cash flow is so difficult to manage or how much tax they need to pay next year.

A full financial analysis of the business with identification of any weak or high-risk areas is the crucial next step towards putting the company in a strong position. By carefully analysing the numbers we gain a deep understanding of the business.

We then look at a variety of scenarios and discover ways to increase your profitability and cash flow.

In our second meeting we present an honest review of the numbers and explain where the strengths and weaknesses are.

With this detailed understanding we can clearly see where an outsourced finance department will add value to the organisation and deliver a healthy return on investment.


3: Fix the systems

Many of our larger clients managed their bookkeeping and accounting needs in-house in the early days, but as their businesses grew they found their systems and processes could no longer keep up with the complex needs of their business.

Our outsourced finance department solution (or virtual CFO) is a fully serviced accounts department for your business. Built in partnership with you, it focuses on elements like: cloud-based software implementation and management, tax compliance, accounts receivable and accounts payable administration, payroll management, bookkeeping, cash flow forecasting and, in some cases, business restructure.

Because we are proactive, forward-looking accountants, we provide an external financial service that will focus on change and moving forward, increase profitability and give you breathing space. We concentrate on the important things first, and then refine the plan based on the outcomes we achieve.

In short, we build and deliver a financial management solution to take your company to the next level.


4: Skill set match

In the same way that business systems and processes become more complex as a business grows… the skill sets needed to run the systems also move to the next level.

Many of our medium business clients come to us because they realise they don’t have have the skill sets in-house to run their accounting systems.

When we deliver an outsourced finance department we call on the skills of a number of our team members to deliver the solution.

Key areas of expertise include: effective tax planning, cash flow forecasting, payroll management, budgeting, business structure and organisation, payment structures, asset protection and superannuation.

And of course we are across all the latest cloud-based accounting software solutions and will implement a solution that replicates your intuitiveness and tackles the specific challenges you encounter each day in your organisation.

In short, whatever problem you are facing, the chances are our experienced team have seen it before and know the quickest and most cost-effective way to get a great outcome.

You can relax, knowing your finance department is in safe hands, and get on with running the rest of your business.


5: Ongoing partnership

Many of the business directors we work with find it’s lonely and sometimes downright scary at the top.

They are all highly skilled in their technical area of expertise but have never been trained how to run (let alone scale) a business.

They are looking for help to make big decisions for their organisation and want to be sure they get that help from trusted and qualified advisors.

As your complete finance department (virtual CFO), we look after your company’s finances on a day-to-day basis. And we also have top level meetings with you either weekly or monthly to review progress and make strategic decisions.

We have a wealth of experience in many industry sectors. For many of our clients we become trusted advisors on many aspects of their business – not just the numbers.

Our clients look forwards with confidence and clarity… and they sleep at night.

Our value to you

Our proven, virtual CFO solution consistently delivers massive returns to our clients in the form of:
• A much improved, organised and structured accounts department,
• The certainty to look forwards with clarity and focus, and
• More free time to devote to other areas of their business.

Are you ready to take control?

Are you ready to look forwards with confidence?

Do you want to take away the stress of managing all your accounting requirements in house, and get back some of your precious time?

At ATB Partners Business Accountants you can call us at any time. We’re based in Parramatta, Sydney, and we’d love to chat.

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