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Michael Mekhitarian

Michael Mekhitarian is passionate about business. And it doesn’t matter if your business employs three people … or twenty three people, Michael believes in the personal freedom you CAN achieve through small business success.

You could say he’s on a mission to make every small business owner a success story.

“I believe in opportunity and the role that I can play in creating something bigger and better. I want my children and my grandchildren to live in a better place. I want my friends, family and clients to find success.”

This philosophy ebbs through each and every interaction with his clients.

It’s why he gets up every morning. It’s why he is so passionate about his work.

“My first priority is about ensuring my clients’ financial success and freedom. My job as a business owner, accountant, financial planner and mentor allows me to have an impact on many, many people’s lives … and that’s a very powerful motivator.”

After finishing his accountancy degree, Michael held a number of accountancy jobs … which is where he met fellow ATB chartered accountant Jim Vass. They clicked over a shared passion for accountancy and motorbikes, and when the time was right, they formed ATB Chartered Accountants.

“Our drive to start our own business was based on freedom. Freedom for us, and for our clients.My vision for the world is around true freedom, which means prosperity. We need to facilitate individuals to do the best they can within their environment. That’s where I feel I make a real difference.”

Not surprisingly, Michael’s values include trust, integrity and leadership. Besides accountancy, his passion is with motorbikes, reading fiction and travelling. Oh, and new, cutting-edge software.

“Cloud-based systems really excited us, and we wanted to find out how this new technology could add value to our business and to our clients’ businesses. As proactive accountants, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to benefit our clients. We moved our own operations to the cloud almost 10 years ago and we’ve never looked back.”

Michael’s other key focus lies in training and supporting the ATB team … and he does enjoy watching his other team, the Tigers, win!

Michael’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelmekhitarian/

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