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Paul Rattray

Chartered accountant and small business specialist Paul Rattray is very clear about why he does what he does at ATB Accountants.

“It’s pretty simple. I try to make people’s businesses better, so they can achieve the success they deserve. I like helping people, and I get great satisfaction from it.”

Relaxed and optimistic, Paul enjoys being around people and working hard.

‘‘I like the team here at ATB … it’s a community, and community is so important to me. I try to be a better person each day. If I do that, people around me will be better.”

Paul is a country boy, which may account for his sense of community. He grew up riding motorbikes, reading and watching movies.

But his thirst for knowledge drove him to complete his Masters Degree and become an ATB Chartered Accountant in 2007.

“I’ve known Jim and Michael for 30 years. We work well together … we have three very different opinions, but all get on very well.”

As a taxation and small business expert, Paul really does care about delivering financial freedom and helping small business owners take control of their businesses. Why?

“For a stress-free life and better communities. If I can help a business grow and prosper, they are going to employ people and make a better world for us.”

So it comes back to community.

Community … and taxation, business structure, financial planning, strategic cash flow forecast, taxation budgeting, revenue and growth strategies. Paul plans for you and your business to succeed.

And when he’s not helping clients take control of their businesses and personal finances, Paul enjoys riding his motorbike, reading and playing hockey – oh yes and watching the Dragons play!

Paul’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulrattray1/

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