Are you experiencing cash flow problems? Are you struggling to manage your staff and payroll?   Do you really know what the numbers on your financial reports mean? Are you time poor and feeling pressured?  

5 Steps To Financial Certainty

ATB partners are proactive small business accountants based in Parramatta. We deliver all the traditional tax accounting services you expect from experienced business accountants… But the ATB difference is that we work in partnership with you to deliver a complete 5-step business accounting solution that keeps you in a powerful, forward-facing position.


1: Understand your goals

We find many new clients come to us feeling pressure because they don’t know if what they are currently doing will allow them to reach their business goals.

Often they are jaded by a previous experience where a less proactive accountancy team have continually looked in the rearview mirror instead of looking forwards.

Our partnership with you begins by clearly defining where we are going together. When we have a clear vision of your ideal business and personal wealth outcomes we can set a course for success.

Our initial discovery meeting follows a proven process we’ve developed over many years.

We find out about you, your family and your personal financial circumstances. We then take a deep dive into your business to understand the key goals you’re kicking and the issues you’re facing.

We then talk about what an ideal financial future looks like for you. We’ll ask you questions about your current and future lifestyle goals, your exit plan from the business, and what you plan to do next.

Once we understand where you are now and where you want to go, the next step is to discover whether you’re on track for success or not.


2. Analyse your business

Often we find business owners come to us motivated to grow their business and move forward, but at the same time frustrated because they are unable to identify the key issues stopping them from reaching their full potential.

Many don’t know which part of their business is the most profitable, why their cash flow is so tight or how much tax they need to pay next year.

A full financial analysis of your business with identification of any weak or high-risk areas is the crucial next step towards putting you in a strong position so you can reach your business targets.

By carefully analysing your numbers we gain a deep understanding of your business. We then look at a variety of scenarios and discover ways to increase your profitability and cash flow.

In our second meeting we present you with an honest review of your numbers and tell you where your strengths and weaknesses are. Once we all understand where we are, we can move forwards together towards financial freedom for you.


3: Plan for success

Sometimes we find our client’s current position is not going to allow them reach their goals… so we have to put a new plan in place.

Other times a business is on track but some simple changes will allow the business owner to reach a position of strength more quickly and with less effort.

Our team construct a dynamic financial plan which will become your biggest business asset.

Built in partnership with you, it focuses on elements like effective and strategic cash-flow forecasting, taxation budgeting and preparation, cloud-based accountancy solutions, revenue and growth strategy, and, in some cases, business restructure.

Because we are proactive accountants, your plan will include strategic advice and will focus on moving forwards. We concentrate on the most important things first and then refine the plan based on the outcomes we achieve.

In short… we set a course to take your business to the next level. And because we are small business experts with a proven track record of delivering strategies that work, you can be sure of getting the very best advice.


4. Implement your plan

Most of our clients are time poor. New clients often express concern that they are not proactively looking after their business because they are spending valuable time in operations keeping the business running.

Our deep understanding of your business, the winning strategy we’ve created and our hands-on approach put you firmly back in the driving seat.

We partner with you to implement your new business plan step-by-step, doing the most important things first and then refining the plan based on measured outcomes.

For example, we might start by getting your accounting system streamlined into a cloud-based application and then train your existing team to use it.

At the same time we might simplify your payroll system and set up new payment structures to improve your cashflow.

Part of the solution will be delivering accurate forecasts so you know how much money will be in the bank over the coming months and how much tax you’ll need to pay next year.

And by lifting you out of operations and putting you in the driving seat of your business you will regain control and enjoy the confidence that stems from proactively working on your business.


5. Ongoing Partnership

Many of the business owners we work with find it’s lonely and often downright scary at the top. They are all highly skilled in their technical area of expertise but have never been trained how to run (let alone scale) a business. They are looking for help in many areas but want to be sure they get that help from trusted and qualified advisors.

At ATB accountants we’re here with you for the long term. Depending on the size of your operation and the speed of growth you’re looking for, we set a rhythm of monthly or quarterly meetings with us.

These meetings take the form of coaching or mentoring sessions. As well as reviewing and reporting on your numbers we also look forward to the coming months and years. Depending on how your business is progressing, we might need to refine areas of the strategy to make sure you meet the goals you have set.

And of course we’ve been business accountants for a long, long time. So we have a wealth of experience in many industry sectors. For many of our clients we become trusted advisors on many aspects of their business – not just the numbers.

We are also fully qualified financial planners and can suggest and implement personal wealth solutions to dovetail with your business position. Our partnership will deliver ongoing certainty that you are doing all the right things to reach your business and personal wealth goals.

Our value to you

Our proven, results-driven solution consistently delivers massive returns to our clients in the form of a much improved business bottom line and a much stronger personal wealth position. We deliver particular value to businesses with 5 or more employees who are motivated to make changes and improve their position.

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