Technology in wealth planning

At ATB, we have a clear understanding of how technology can improve your business. After all, we were among the first accountants and financial advisors to make the move to cloud-based technology services 10 years ago. Unsurprisingly, we are part of most wealth advisors who intend to spend more on technology and innovation in this new financial year.

Why we do it

Our commitment to our clients has meant that we use all the cloud-based technology we can find and more. Cloud technology is a crucial part of our service offering, as it provides real time financial reports, allowing us to see your complete financial picture. It also means that our services are collaborative, accessible and portable.

As we advise on SMSFs, mortgages, life insurance, income protection and trauma insurances, it is important that we utilize technology to maintain high-quality strategic advice. This technology allows us to help you build more efficient portfolios.

Your data is safe and secure

We understand that cyber security is important, and we value the confidentiality of our clients’ information. Using cloud technology is one of the most secure ways to store your information, as you have complete control over who has access, and how much access each individual has over your information. Not only this, but your data is stored securely, and available on any device meaning that if your laptop is stolen, you can still access all of your information.

How it will benefit you

Adopting the newest technology in our business means that we can provide our clients with upfront, transparent pricing for financial planning.  We help you to protect your assets, and guide you through a confusing world of investments, to ensure that you are receiving unbiased advice.

With our cloud based services, you can access your wealth information from anywhere, at any time. Not only this, but technology allows a great deal of cost savings, and increases transparency as you have access to real time data.

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