Using your accountant for wealth advice

At ATB Chartered Accountants, we understand that while your business and personal financial goals might not be identical, they are still related. We have become qualified financial planners to give our clients a more in-depth service. Through having a holistic view of your business and personal goals, we can deliver objective financial advice, to guide your  finances.

To break it down, there are several advantages of using your accountant as your tax planner, including:

Skill level and qualifications

Our accounting team are fully qualified financial planners, while also holding accounting degrees and CPA qualifications. We are fully equipped and have decades of combined experience in helping our clients achieve their goals.

Tax expertise

Tax planning is an essential part of financial and wealth planning. Through advising you on your taxes, financial planning opportunities can be identified more easily as we understand tax implications and how to legally minimize your tax payable.

Clarity and consistency

Through having your accounting and wealth needs taken care of under the same roof, we can have more clarity surrounding your needs, and in monitoring your information. You no longer need to worry about information being lost in translation, and combining the services will save you time and money in the long run.

“Accountancy is not about how much tax you have to pay… it’s about adding value to our clients’ businesses and their lives.” – Jim Vass, Director.

Total transparency

Clients who have worked with us in the accounting aspect of the business, have already built a trusted relationship. Our clients understand that we love what we do, and we are passionate in helping them achieve their financial and business goals. We also do not (nor are we allowed to) receive any commissions from funds or products, so you can trust that our advice is unbiased.

More choice in investments

We have incorporated cloud-based technology right throughout our business to add value to yours, and to help you spend time on what matters to you. Cloud technology can provide you with real-time figures, is accessible anywhere, anytime, increases efficiency, is user friendly, and is cost effective to run. It also allows us to provide you with a broader range of choice, and deliver you an excellent level of strategic advice.


We help you save time waiting for your accountant and wealth advisors to communicate together, as we work under one roof and have a holistic view of what each individual customer needs. This minimizes administrative tasks, and the costs associated with these.

“We implemented Xero for a client recently who spent most Saturdays ‘doing the books”. He called us last week and said he was able to go to his son’s soccer match for the first time on a Saturday…” – Paul Rattray, Director.

Holistic advice

By using a financial advisor you trust, and who has a complete understanding of your taxation and business finances, you can make the most of every opportunity. At ATB Wealth, we strive to provide you with the best service and advice we can, to ensure that your wealth planning and business needs are met. Here’s more detail about our complete wealth solutions

“My priority is about ensuring my clients’ financial success and freedom…” – Michael Mekhitarian, Director.