Why we Chose to Provide End to End Financial Services at ATB

Did you know ATB Chartered Accountants provide wealth management services through ATB Wealth?

ATB Chartered Accountants provided financial planning services to their clients from 1998 through to 2004For a period after that, clients requiring personal wealth management services would be referred. Jim, Paul and Michael were not convinced this was giving their clients the best results.

A fortuitous legislative change…

Somewhat fortuitously, a change in legislation came in to effect in July 2016. This prevented accountants from discussing Self-Managed Super Funds with clients unless they were accredited with a limited or full licence to operate as a Financial Planner.
SMSF was an important conversation, integral to ATB providing a holistic, strategic approach to clients. Leaving this off the table would be limiting. The legislative change was the catalyst they needed to get authorised to offer a full and comprehensive service, in both accountancy and wealth. And this satisfied a growing demand from their clients.

Helping clients achieve financial goals

ATB know their clients’ businesses inside out, and they have an in-depth understanding of profitability, asset management and investmentsBut without financial planning, there was a disconnect beyond the extremities of the business. Helping existing business clients achieve their personal financial goals for retirement made sense.
This was a natural progression, particularly for those clients in a long-term, trusting relationship with ATB Chartered Accountants. These businesses already had faith in ATB’s judgement.
ATB know the benefits of not leaving financial planning too late. Applying the right formula early can get clients to the base they want and improve their lifestyle upon retirementATB Wealth helps these clients straight through to retirement by proactively keeping their personal finances on track and using strategies that work alongside their business accounting.

A Strategic approach

For ATB Wealth, strategy is more important than product when it comes to financial planning. And an ongoing trusting partnership with the client is paramount. Their advice is always neutral and with the success of the client in mind.
The partners will often proactively introduce Wealth to existing business clients. At this point they have a great knowledge of cashflow and can advise on how to manage taxes effectivelyThey will formulate a strategy in patnership with the client, based on their future requirements and goals.
The partners work with dedicated Financial Para Planner Vijaya Joshi to put the plan together. The partners will then present this to the client, confirming personal circumstances and objectives, along with their recommendations to move forwardThey will also put a plan together for review, to ensure the strategy remains relevant to the client’s circumstances.

Moving forward with confidence

ATB Wealth clients like what they get. Once they can quantify their circumstances – understanding their assets, their debt, their income, super, retirement needs – and follow ATB’s proactive approach, they can be well prepared for the future and move forward with confidence.
Tying wealth management plans in with what’s happening with their business gets clients to their goals soonerThis means connecting the strategies inside and outside of the business, and managing savings and investments in the most tax effective way. The result is the unique end to end service that ATB Wealth is proud to offer.
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