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We adopted cloud technology while others lazed in the sun. Now have real time information giving you a competitive edge. With the peace of mind of fixed fees.


Disruptive Innovation

4 December, 2016

Disruption is a process where a small company with few resources is able to successfully challenge an industry giant. But...

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Less red tape for small business

28 November, 2016

A new deal between federal, state and territory governments aims to reduce the set-up time for new businesses from 18...

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Telehealth: A lifeline for healthcare

28 November, 2016

With the cost of healthcare soaring around the world, information and communication technology is being utilized as a much needed...

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Human Footprints on the Natural World

7 November, 2016

In the past 16 years, the human footprint has increased by 9%. This increase has implications for the environment, and...

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