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About ATB Partners



We start with “why” because we have a purpose.
Our vision is to help our clients achieve their personal and business objectives.
ATB Partners focuses on helping everyone to achieve their potential.


We achieve our client’s objectives by:

  1. Listening to our clients to find out what they want to achieve. We put a plan in place to achieve these goals. Our clients require a range of services as seen in the image.
  2. As accountants we are natural trusted advisors. A survey of 1000 businesses revealed that 69% of small business owners considered their accountant…

What is crowdfunding?

15 November, 2015

Crowdfunding campaigns, such those offered by Kickstarter, allow individuals to invest money in projects/ventures. Since Kickstarter’s launch in 2009, 9.9...

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A New Face in the Bricklaying Industry

11 November, 2015

Mike Pivac, an engineer from Perth, WA, has developed an automated machine, named the Hardian, which has the capacity to...

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Is Australia entering a construction trade shortage?

11 November, 2015

There has been discussion about whether there are enough available apprentices that have undergone training to replace construction workers...

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Is your family business ready for handover?

8 November, 2015

With the Baby Boomers slowly moving into retirement, family-owned businesses in Australia are facing an intergenerational transfer of ownership, the...

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