About ATB Business Accountants Parramatta

‘We deliver financial freedom, and help you to be the best you can be for yourself, your family and your business’

Michael, ATB Partners

Our business will transform your business…

At ATB business accountants, we build proactive partnerships with business owners to help you achieve business success and build personal wealth.

But we also look beyond the figures. We get to know you.

We work in partnership with you, by providing an end-to-end, results-driven small and medium business accounting solution that keeps you in a powerful, forward-facing position.

Real time figures are your secret weapon

‘We were one of the first business accountants in the country to go paperless because we are always looking at better ways to serve our clients.’  Michael – ATB Partners

Frustrated by hours spent at the printer, transferring boxes between different offices, and looking at outdated reports, the brave new world of cloud-based accounting moved the partners at ATB.

‘The cloud-based philosophy really moved us, and we wanted to find out how this new technology could add value to us, and to our clients.

‘We figured out that cloud-based software was essential to financial success. The ability to view, analyse and work on your data in real time, every time, from anywhere in the world really was a no-brainer. And the fact that multiple users can work on the same data at the same time takes it to the next level.

‘We’ve been able to take our clients on the same journey we took, and we’ve never looked back.’

Our end-to-end accountancy solutions put you in a position of strength

We specialise in working with the owners and managers of businesses who are motivated to change and improve their business and recognise the value of a complete, end-to-end business accounting and financial planning solution.

ATB Partners has been in business for since 1992…

…and are industry leaders in Small and Medium Business Accountancy, Financial Planning, Business Advisory Services and cloud-based accounting software.

Our core values are our secret weapon

The values at the core of our business come together to help you move forwards with confidence and clarity.

Results Driven

We love implementing our tailored cutting-edge software solutions which allow us to spend more time proactively growing your business with you.

Our partnership creates a snowballing effect of ever increasing returns and many many happy long-standing clients.

Superb Communication

Good results come from good communication. At ATB accountants, our team are dedicated to helping you at every opportunity, quickly and efficiently.

Access to real-time figures means our communication and collaboration is fast and seamless, and we can quickly gain better insights and more leverage from your data.

Proactive Partnership

As your trusted proactive financial partner, we’re with you every step of the way… our deep understanding of your business needs helps us to grow your business, protect your wealth, and provide a complete range of financial solutions.

Transparent Pricing

As client-centric, proactive accountants, we love being able to deliver a pricing structure that works. Flat-fee transparent pricing (in most cases) means you are never charged for phone calls or emails.

Experienced Team

Our hugely experienced team are ready to help you with a comprehensive range of services and solutions for your complex business and personal wealth needs.

We help you achieve financial freedom

Through creating a proactive partnership with you, and by constructing a dynamic plan for success and strength, we keep you in a powerful, forward-facing position and help you achieve financial freedom.

Are you ready to be financially powerful?

‘If you stand still, you’re going to get run over.’ Paul, ATB Partners.

Our complete end-to-end financial services offer you the greatest value proposition. We guide and nurture all your personal and business finances… under one roof… saving you time and money. Our range of services and solutions include:

Accounting for Small Business
Accounting for Medium Sized Business
Virtual CFO
Cloud Based Software Solutions
Financial planning services
• Self managed super fund (SMSF) set-up, compliance and management

Our expert team of Accountants and Financial Planners achieve rapid business growth for our clients. It comes down to your bottom line… and ATB delivers the certainty and clarity to get results each and every time.


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