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Virtual Outsourced CFO Sydney

Delivering the welcome backup, advice, and strategy of a full-time business specialist — but without the cost — our Virtual CFO in Sydney service will drive your business to the next level.

Your business has already achieved success — yet, you’ve reached a point where you feel it needs an additional boost. Market stagnation, tough economic conditions, or budgeting inexperience — areas that slow growth and create inefficiency.

ATB Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors Virtual CFO in Australia service is your solution!

Supported by experienced financial professionals to steer, advise, and assist, your business will enjoy faster success — reaching the growth, revenue, and profitability targets you want.

What Is a Virtual Outsourced CFO Australia?

In short, a virtual Chief Financial Officer makes certain that the expertise your business demands will be there for the task — when it needs it.

More affordable and convenient than numerous in-house specialists, a Virtual CFO can fulfil numerous roles. This can include payroll manager, bookkeeper, market forecaster, or accountant.

As, let’s face it, most SMEs cannot afford a full-time employee in each of these job descriptions. Yet each area of expertise is vital.

So instead, our Virtual CFO Service slots a remote expert into these roles — as and when required. With no salaries, holiday pay, benefits, or office space and equipment to budget for.

The bottom line — your essential financial and reporting tasks are completed by us speedily, efficiently, and accurately.

And being a virtual CFO in Australia, we can support your business whether you are in Sydney, country NSW, any other Australian state, or even overseas, as is the case for the UK-based DASH Water.

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Our Virtual CFO Services

As one of the best Virtual CFO services providers in Sydney, we take pride in our approach to remote assistance.

Together, we look at the whole of your business — asking questions such as:

  • What does the business do?
  • How is it organised?
  • What components can be automated?
  • What is the most efficient way to achieve task completion?
  • Who is best suited to doing these jobs?
  • How do we free up key personnel time — so they can work on their business instead of in their business?
  • What areas in your business have risk, and how do we mitigate them?
  • What can we do to help you achieve profit and growth?

Some businesses want or need nothing more than bookkeeping and compliance help — others may prefer a greater level of support and collaboration, such as five-year planning, mentoring, or resource reallocation. By using a Virtual CFO, you can scale up — or down — the resources required by your business.

Whatever your needs, your Virtual CFO consulting services are provided by experienced professionals with a single vision — boosting your business’s success.

The areas we cover in our external CFO services include:

  • Bookkeeping, payroll ledger management, and reporting compliance.
  • Cash flow solutions and management — both long and short-term.
  • Key metrics determination, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Business mentorship, advice, and consulting.
  • Directing and focusing any existing in-house account team members.
  • Growth and strategy planning.
  • Preparation and submission of statutory financial statements.
  • Auditing and due diligence.
  • Creation of a Business Blueprint.
  • Forecasting.
  • Analysis, review, development, and implementation of business tools.
  • Asset management.
  • Raising capital.
  • Taxation efficiency and calculation.
  • BAS returns and ASIC statement of solvency.
  • Succession planning — preparing for the transfer/sale of the business management and ownership after your exit, to a second-generation or third party.
  • Business and tax structuring — methods to protect the assets, achieve the best tax outcomes and help the ease of succession, which may include asset restructuring.
  • Risk management.
Virtual CFO Australia
Virtual CFO Sydney

Manage Your Risk in Business

Your business is running smoothly and profitably today, but unexpected events could threaten its success tomorrow — or even lead to a game-over situation.

At ATB Partners – Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors, we help defend your livelihood.

Larger SMEs and rapidly growing businesses are most at threat. With so much focus on day-to-day operations, it’s easy to forget — or not even consider — business-damaging risks.

That’s why our Virtual CFO service includes essential risk assessment — not just looking at how to reduce risk in business, but also how to manage your financial risk.

The truth is, threats are everywhere — in your staff, finances, utilities, or IT systems. You could lose a key employee through illness or injury, your bank might withdraw finance essential for cash flow, or a flood may temporarily close operations.

ATB Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors work with you to identify the areas of threat in your business. Then, depending on the type of risk, advise how to:

  • Eliminate — make the threat non-existent.
  • Reduce — lower the chances of a risk.
  • Accept — steps to reduce damaging effects, where a risk cannot be reduced or eliminated.

All businesses are different. That’s why we create risk reduction and management solutions to address your particular threats.

These can include:

  • Managing asset protection.
  • Implementing relevant insurance — assets, key man, debtors, public/product liability, directors and officers, transit, and
  • business interruption insurance.
  • Creating legal and applicable HR policies and employment contracts.
  • Managing data and cyber security.
  • Building protective contracts with suppliers, subcontractors, and customers.
  • Ensuring IP is owned and protected.
  • Building internal controls.
  • Ensuring stock security.
  • Understanding bank covenants on finance.

Risk management is typically an area ignored or not understood by most bookkeepers and accountants. We are specialists, defending your business through this feature of our Virtual CFO service.

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Business Blueprint — Planning for Success

The backbone of our Virtual CFO service is our bespoke Business Blueprint — the second stage in our 5 Steps to Taking Control. This document provides a complete overview — allowing you to make evidence-based decisions.

More than just a forecasting and budgeting outline, it illustrates the real-time position of your business, areas where it’s succeeding, and crucially — underperforming aspects.

Together we will drill down into the valuable information, grasping exactly what the numbers say about your business, and methods that will lead to improved cash flow and performance.

Typically, it functions as a comprehensive:

  • Mini-business plan.
  • Budget.
  • Cash flow.
  • Current and projected balance sheet.
  • Operational metric indicator.
  • Ratio analysis — communicating your business’s interrelated profitability, efficiency, and liquidity.

The Advantages of Outsourced CFO Services Sydney

Choosing outsourced CFO services from ATB Partners – Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors means you benefit from the knowledge and insight of professionals.

Although not exhaustive, the main advantages of having a Virtual CFO on call are:

Virtual CFO Parramatta.

Cost Efficiency

Experienced CFOs with track records of success don’t come cheap. In addition to a substantial salary, your business will need to budget for their benefits, holiday pay, and sick pay.

We, however, offer a fixed price on your Virtual Remote CFO accounting services — based on your needs. Affordable and more cost-effective than a full-time employee, it gives your business all the upsides of an internal CFO — while protecting your bottom line.

Benefits of Outsourced CFO Services

Flexibility, Versatility, and Scalability

Using cloud-based accounting and online conferencing, combined with phone calls and email — we can liaise, interact, and advise as needed.

We know, there may be times when you demand more than just your fixed-price services — such as creating a business expansion plan, requiring guidance on an acquisition, or planning tax strategies.

A Virtual CFO gives you this convenient flexibility.

Being able to scale up — or down — your resources as you and your business need them means you can react quickly. Giving you a competitive advantage for growth or pivots.

Whatever you need, we’re here for you.

With ATB Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors, you enjoy the benefits of a professional, on-call, CFO — at your convenience.

Outsourced CFO Sydney

Strategies With Overview

Although your CFO may not be sitting in your office, they will have a thorough grasp of your financial position, challenges, liabilities, and targets.

As they can see the bigger picture — and are away from the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of running and managing a business that can cloud judgement — they can provide valuable insight for planning and problem-solving.

Virtual Chief Financial Officer

Powerful Resource Management and Allocation

As a business owner or manager, while your skill set makes you an expert in your industry, that doesn’t automatically mean you’re a financial maestro.

Too often, entrepreneurs, or their trusted staff members, have the burden of acting as a CFO as a cost-saving measure — with little experience or knowledge. This can lead not only to mistakes, but can also prevent key staff from fulfilling their usual job duties.

Letting a Virtual CFO take the strain releases you and your staff — meaning you can all do what you enjoy and do best.

External CFO Services

An Experienced Financial Controller and Reporting On Hand

Your remote CFO service can tackle the duties of bookkeeping, sales and purchase ledgers, and reconciling your bank account — or manage and advise any in-house bookkeepers.

They will produce detailed reports — for you, key staff, and/or stakeholders — with the metrics and periods you ask for. Typically, these may include:

  • Monthly profit and loss.
  • Balance sheet.
  • Divisional reports.
  • Accounts payable and receivable.
  • Monthly performance review.
  • Updated forecasting.
  • Actuals vs forecasts and budget — as part of our Business Blueprint.
  • Metrics.
  • Cash flows — historic, current, future, and rolling.

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Do I Need Virtual CFO Services in Sydney?

When you need legal advice, you seek counsel from a solicitor, for your health, you speak to a doctor — and, for your business guidance and planning, you need a Virtual CFO.

While you always remain in control of your business, you gain the experience and insight of a professional.

Ask yourself, do you:

  • Find yourself completing your own accounts and bookkeeping?
  • Have little to no knowledge of financial reporting and compliance?
  • Feel that you are losing control?
  • Find you don’t have time to do the things you enjoy?
  • Feel frustrated your business growth has stalled or ceased?
  • Outgrown your in-house accounting team?
  • Lack financial or expansion strategies?
  • Need to pivot to meet market changes and fluctuations?
  • Feel unsupported or isolated in your role?
  • Find, having started a new business, you’re lacking direction?
  • Know your physical and human resources aren’t best used?
  • Want a CFO but can’t afford an additional internal staff member?
  • Believe you cannot see the whole picture?
  • Feel your business is lagging behind its competitors?
  • Experience frustration that your current accountant delivers insufficient advice and insight?
  • Find it hard to meet supplier invoices with your cash flow?
  • Discover your list of debtors is expanding?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, talk to us! Our bespoke CFO plans deliver an affordable solution to your business needs.

ATB Partners - Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors — Your Business’s Virtual CFO Professional

Located in Sydney, yet with an Australia-wide reach — ATB Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors are your on-hand Virtual CFO.

With tailored packages for your business, we offer an affordable service that can take it to the next level.

We guarantee to:

✔ Listen to your goals and aspirations — then help you achieve them.
✔ Provide accurate and timely financials and reports.
✔ Be available for you — when you need us.
✔ Offer a large-picture overview of your business.
✔ State clearly the price, with no hidden fees.
✔ Respond professionally and promptly.
✔ Add value to your business.
✔ Ensure close liaison, and act on your instructions.

Our professional advisors don’t provide off-the-shelf answers. Instead, we work with you to understand your business challenges, deliver solutions, and provide accurate financials.

Let us become your trusted partner for Virtual CFO Sydney services — and reach your business aspirations.

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Virtual CFO FAQs

What Is a Virtual Outsourced CFO?

A Virtual Chief Financial Officer gives remote advice and assistance services on business financials, strategy, and planning.

More affordable than an internal professional, they offer a cost-effective solution that can accelerate your turnover, profitability, and growth.

Why Should I Use CFO Services?

Virtual CFOs are experts in their field. Trusting your financials, ledgers, cash flow, and planning them releases you to concentrate on the areas in your business where you enjoy and excel.

Will an Outsourced CFO Service in Sydney Help My Business?

Yes! Outsourcing your CFO saves you the expense of an in-house professional, yet allows you to benefit from their financial knowledge and strategising.

Being able to see the bigger picture, they can find solutions and opportunities that you may overlook.

Why Choose Us at ATB Partners Chartered Accountants?

Always professional, but with a friendly approach, ATB Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors offer CFO services backed by years of financial and business experience across multiple sectors.

Creating packages that address your business’s needs, we ensure cost-effective solutions that drive success, promote growth, and add value.

What Are the Advantages of a Virtual CFO?

The benefits of utilising a Virtual Remote CFO include:

  • Being more cost-effective than a full-time CFO employee.
  • Receiving financial services and advice from industry professionals.
  • Freeing you to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Seeing missed opportunities.
  • Flexibility — available as and when you need them.
  • Providing a specialist in the areas you need.

How Much Does It Cost for Virtual CFO Services?

With ATB Partners – Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors, you’re assured of tailored Virtual CFO services that meet the needs of your business.

This means you pay only for what you need, not what you don’t. This keeps costs down, and avoids the high expense of an internal CFO.

What Are Fixed Fees?

We develop a tailored package of Virtual CFO services and we also agree monthly fees. This gives you assurance and certainty — knowing that those services will be delivered and costs remain constant.

What Is the Correct Time To Engage a Virtual CFO?

It’s always a good time to seek the advice and guidance of a financial and business expert to gain a business advantage.

CFOs can help startups on the correct accounting and reporting path, assist existing SMEs move from a period of stagnation to growth, and provide long-established businesses with improved resource allocation.

How Do I Get Started With a Virtual CFO Service?

Just call us. We begin by taking an overview of your business’s current financial and strategic position, discuss any challenges you anticipate, and look at your ambitions and targets.

From there, we ensure that your ledgers, taxation, and compliance are completed timely — while offering insight and advice on planning and problem-solving.

How Does Our Online CFO Service Work?

With cloud-based accounting and reporting, together with online video conferencing — we are always available and with your financials at our fingertips.

Furthermore, you can access your financial records and position at any time — you’re always in control.

Where Are You Located?

While our offices are in Parramatta, Sydney — our Virtual CFO Service is offered Australia-wide.

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