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ATB 5 Steps to getting ahead

We believe in small business

At ATB Accountants we believe in small business. Our passion is to help you get your business on track … so you can embrace the personal freedom and huge financial rewards enjoyed by successful business owners.

Is your existing accountant:

  • Hard to get hold of?
  • Too busy to spend time with you?
  • Reactive – dealing with problems after they happen, rather than planning ahead?
  • Making you feel belittled when you ask questions?
  • Sending you endless bills you don’t understand?

As passionate small business accountants and mentors, we know this is simply not good enough.

What about you?

You can’t seem to get ahead, you’re working long hours, and you may have an unhealthy relationship with the ATO. You may not know your turnover, or your key numbers. What’s worse … your debtors aren’t paying and it’s turning your hair grey prematurely.

And your trusty accountant says you’re doing well. So why is there never any money in the bank???

Are you ready to take control?

We know we can help you achieve your business and financial goals, using a five-step process.


The key to any small business success is to understand your purpose.

There are many reasons why people become business owners and entrepreneurs. What is driving you? What were your hopes and dreams when you started your business journey? Was it personal satisfaction? Creative independence? Financial autonomy? All these things have one thing in common – they are all about freedom.

We talk about your high-level goals and what you’d like your business to look like in ten years. And most importantly, what would you like to fix?

ATB works with you to uncover what’s important to you and your business, so you can build something that will enrich your life.


Now that we have a solid understanding of your purpose, we get practical. We look at whether it’s realistic for you to reach your goals with the current business you have.

We look at your financial blueprint … and we work out what’s really going on … and what’s really going wrong.

ATB identifies and assesses your cash flow problems, current pricing/quoting (for services or products), debtor issues and ATO debts. We show you where you’re making money … and where you’re losing money.


What are the most important points to be tackled right now? Is it cash flow? Your financial blueprint? Debtors? Long hours? Messy, chaotic accounts? Lack of communication? Lack of systems and processes? ATO debt?

Now we know your purpose and what’s practical, we prioritise what needs to be done first. You can’t eat the whole elephant at once. So we guide you with a concrete plan and strategy.

We prioritise the most important tasks to get your business back on track, with you in control.


Now’s the time to let us work hard on your business. We implement systems and processes to streamline the administrative and accounting tasks you spend hours on. If your accounting system isn’t already in the cloud, we manage this process for you.

We give you the tools you need to take control of your business and enjoy the financial and personal rewards success brings. A good financial blueprint and a solid strategy will help you take control of your business.

It won’t be long before you’ll be enjoying your business again and getting to the kids’ sport on a Saturday.


We know a successful business relationship is based on continued communication, mentoring and accountability. Your success is our success, and so in this phase we measure your successes and plan for personal and business growth in the future.

We meet regularly. Our existing clients tell us that these meetings take on the form of mentoring sessions. We measure your results and focus on forward facing, growth-based activities … and not reacting to problems that may crop up.

At ATB, we are committed to helping businesses grow, thrive and prosper.

Are you ready to take control of your business? Contact ATB today.

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Are you ready to take control of your business?
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