Michael Mekhitarian

If you follow your passion, it’s not really work.

Michael Mekhitarian is passionate about small and medium business. He believes in opportunity, and the role he can play in creating something bigger and better…

I want my children, my grandchildren to live in a better place. I want my friends, family and clients to find success.

This philosophy ebbs through each and every interaction with his clients. It’s why he gets up every morning. It’s why he is so passionate about his work.

My first priority is about ensuring my clients’ financial success and freedom… My job as a business owner, accountant, financial planner and mentor allows me to have an impact on many, many people’s lives… and that’s a very powerful motivator.Read More

Paul Rattray

I love what I do. I love helping people. It’s pretty simple… I try and make people’s businesses better. I get great satisfaction from doing good things for people.’

Paul Rattray is a relaxed, happy person. He enjoys being around people, and being at work.

‘‘I like the team here at ATB… it’s a community, and community is so important to me. I try to be a better person each day. If I do that, people around me will be better.’

Paul is a country boy, which may account for his sense of community. He grew up riding motorbikes, reading and watching movies.

But his thirst for knowledge drove him to complete his Masters Degree, and become an ATB Partner in 2007. Read More

Jim Vass

‘I like to help people achieve what they believe is impossible… too many people aren’t prepared to help. I want to help.’

Work experience at an accountancy firm in Year 10 convinced Jim Vass that accountancy was the most boring job in the world.

Yes, truly.

‘It was the 80’s. I made a lot of mistakes… and used so much liquid paper I could snap the pages in half!’

After leaving school, Jim took a job in retail management… and quickly realised this wasn’t for him.

He enrolled in an accounting course, passed the exams without feeling challenged and realised that accountancy was actually quite cool after all…

I realised accountancy was a great foundation for being able to go forward into any business you wanted…Read More

Samina Rahman

Client Manager

Going to the movies, spending time with friends and family… and crunching the numbers… this is what energizes Client Manager Samina Rahman.

I had two choices when I finished school – study Marketing or Accounting. I chose into Accountancy and the rest is history.

It’s not just a job. It’s about helping people achieve their financial goals… I get amazing satisfaction from that.

For most people, crunching the numbers would not be on their top 5 things to do.But Samina is a little geeky like that.

Arm yourself with knowledge and you can achieve anything.

Samina’s areas of expertise are in tax planning, payroll, financial accounts and client management.

And being a working parent is a delicate balance, but one Samina relishes.

‘I love being busy and helping people. I love my colleagues, they are an incredible bunch of people. It’s a great community to be a part of.’

Bhavna Goyal

Client Manager

For me the relationship with my clients is hugely important. I love to provide an excellent level of service.

Client Manager Bhavna Goyal really enjoys tax law.

That’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy the day-to-day client needs, it’s just that she likes the big picture stuff… and for her that’s taxation. And minimising yours, of course.

I enjoy challenges… helping our clients achieve their business goals and bringing out the best of myself.’

Bhavna has been with ATB Partners since 2012 and there’s a good reason why.

‘The overall feeling in the office is very positive. There’s a great sense of belonging and community.’

Bhavna values integrity, honesty and loyalty, and while she sometimes feels that the digital world can be a little disruptive, she loves how cloud-based technology has improved efficiency… and has changed the way we all work.

When she’s not in the office, Bhavna likes listening to music, long walks and spending time with her children. And she’d love to learn to dance.

Beck Paik


I wanted to be an engineer or astronaut when I was younger… but when I grew up I realised Accountancy was attractive and challenging.

‘So I’m still shooting for the stars, just in a different way.

Beck Paik likes to be challenged. His role as specialist tax and SMSF accountant gives him new challenges to face daily.

Rather than faze him…it energises him.

‘I enjoy helping people, giving advice, and seeing the outcome.’

From simple tax transactions to full service accounting and complex reporting, Beck’s expertise is growing.

‘I motivate myself to improve and developing my skills through education and learning.’

Besides accounting, Beck says spending time with his wife makes him smile. And he’d love to travel all over the world starting with a trip to USA with his wife.

Mona Riza De Luna


‘I didn’t choose ATB, they chose me. I really feel like part of a family – we aren’t treated like staff members and that’s so important to me’.

Mona Riza wasn’t always an accountant. In fact, she started out as an auditor, but soon realised the laborious role wasn’t for her. So she tried Accounting and found, much to her surprise, she loved it.

Excited about the challenges of learning new tasks, she embraces life, and is excited knowing she may eventually face different challenges that will help her grow.

And while positive about most things, Mona is occasionally frustrated by people having low aspirations and not doing their best to improve their lives.

That’s why she’s constantly striving to achieve the very best outcome she can for her clients. ‘Life is a gift and given for a reason…and that’s what gets me up every morning.’ 

During her free time Mona loves watching movies, shopping, and playing badminton!

Adele Pooley

Client Service Coordinator

I’m very goal orientated…

‘I like to get to the end of every day knowing I’ve achieved what I’ve set out to do that day.

Adele is the smiling, positive face you’ll see in and around the ATB offices.

She is the admin whizz, and loves the open, straightforward and honest team spirit at ATB.

I knew I’d fit in well when I was interviewed and I mentioned my motorbike… Jim, Michael and Paul all responded enthusiastically!

Adele loves learning new things and taking on daily challenges.

On weekends she volunteers at the dog shelter, helping dogs find their forever homes.

Sandy Van Noort

Client Liaison

‘I love my job… helping people every day makes me happy. I’m a jack of all trades, and my role here is so varied… I am always busy.’

Sandy has worked alongside Jim, Michael and Paul for 20 years… building long-term relationships with clients…building the business.

If you have a general query, Sandy is the best person to help you.

It could be something as simple as not understanding a financial document you were sent… or something more complex like explaining an update to taxation law.

You develop a wealth of knowledge and experience over 20 years!

‘I love helping clients and I get great satisfaction when they leave happy… Good long term relationships are very important to me.

‘I also love having a joke around the office…the team at ATB are a great bunch of people and the atmosphere is always good.’

Running after her two boys keeps her busy, and in her downtime she would much prefer to be reading on a beach.

Valerie Anne Catap


‘I like numbers and problem solving… and knowing I have improved, or added value to someone’s life.’

Valerie Anne Catap likes to be productive and busy, and she takes nothing for granted. Not easily frustrated, her patient, diligent manner sees her accomplishing milestones for her clients daily.

‘My goal is to grow personally and professionally’ says Valerie.

Valerie studied accountancy to fulfill her dream of working with, and supporting small and medium businesses…

…and she saw her position with ATB as the perfect opportunity to work with a team who were also passionate about supporting and growing businesses.

Helping people makes Valerie smile, as well as achieving her goals, and travelling the world…

‘What excites me the most is finding cheap airfares to beautiful places I haven’t been to yet..’.

Besides travel, numbers and problem solving, Valerie likes to spend her weekends watching movies and cooking videos.

Vijaya Joshi

Para Planner

Resident ‘new girl on the block’, Vijaya Joshi has so many letters after her name, it’s hard to count them all.

She finds her job as Para Planner with ATB Partners fascinating, exciting and interesting.

‘I love looking at people’s goals and lifestyle objectives… analysing those goals and planning for their financial success.

When clients are happy…it makes me smile because I know I’ve done a great job.

She is also passionate about education, her son’s cuddles, driving her car with the music blaring… and singing along, loudly.

Romina Cristina Cunanan


‘If you can use your little time in this world doing something positive for someone, one lifetime is enough.’

Romina Cunanan was born to analyze.  She loves accounting and inventory, and answering questions like ‘where did my money go?’

Supercharged by learning new things (like cooking), she divides her time between work, her growing family, and her husband.

She wasn’t always interested in accountancy though. She told her accountant father she would like to study teaching or psychology and in no uncertain terms he told her she would be a good accountant.

So Father really does know best… at least in this instance.

An accounting role at ATB appealed to Romina for many reasons.. The directors’ core values, staff loyalty, their sincerity and care. But the name ATB resonated with her in a strong way. ATB. Accounting, Taxation, Business Administration. Value for each client.

‘Plus they are easy to work for. Who needs difficult people?’

Few things in life make Romina sadder than oppression and a lack of education. But when she’s not trying to change the world one day at a time, and attending inspirational workshops, she reads, listens to the Moana soundtrack and spends quality time with her children.

Delanie Bewert


The staff here at ATB make each day enjoyable…  it’s a great office environment and we always manage to make each other smile.

Delanie’s is the smiling voice you’ll hear when you call ATB Partners.

Often she’ll know how to help and if she doesn’t, she’ll put you through to the right person.

Intensely independent, she values family and friends, and would like to see people help people a little more, in order to make a difference.

She’s also a netballer, but don’t hold that against her. Just don’t come up against her in a Centre bib!

Nicola Vass

Marketing Specialist

‘I love walking into the office in the morning and seeing how people are interacting with our social media posts…I love seeing the ways people communicate with us, and react to us’

For Marketing Assistant Nicola Vass, the journey is ‘cool and interesting’. She is studying a double degree in Commerce/Marketing, and majoring Psychology.

It’s a pretty good mix, marketing and psychology… kind of like a match made in heaven for the partners at ATB.

Nicola is energized by learning, and researching… she loves writing blogs and says researching gives her a broader understanding of how everything works.

Other than her desire to learn, Nicola is a pretty normal, compassionate twenty-something. She loves music festivals, hanging out with her friends, and Ed Sheeran. Not necessarily in that order.

Mary Grace Yumul


“I believe everything can be learned”.

Grace started her accountancy career working in the hotel sector for auditing firms. She found the work rewarding and she loved the industry – she knew that she had chosen the right career path.

She is grateful to be part of the ATB team and is energised by the friendly, supportive environment.

“What excites me to go to work every day is knowing that I’ll be working on what I love, working for people I love.”

Grace appreciates receiving a thank you from a client she has helped, and enjoys making people smile. She always strives to give and do her best every single day, whether at work or play.

Her attitude to life is that you should always take a positive approach. It’s important to her to always give things a try. She values commitment, dedication, optimism, respect and honesty.

Grace loves her family and they are her biggest motivation in life.

“I want them to have the best life possible, and they’re the main reason why I get out of bed every morning.”

During her free time, Grace enjoys socialising and eating out with friends and family. She looks forward to new experiences and creating memories with her loved ones

Oliver Knox

Intermediate Accountant

Oliver Knox came to ATB Partners because he wanted to be more involved in the client side of accounting.

Interacting with clients and providing professional accounting advice that “really has an impact on clients businesses and their companies and even their own personal finances” is what motivates Oliver.

Joining ATB Partners has been a positive experience for Oliver.

“I felt like I was welcome here the first week I started, I felt like I was home. Every day goes very fast working here, I’m very happy.”

Oliver is completing his professional qualifications with CA to become a chartered accountant and with ATB’s support, he is looking forward to achieving his goals.

A country boy at heart, Oliver loves nature and hiking Wentworth Falls with his wife in their down time.

“It just slows down time. I grew up in the country and coming to Sydney everything is very fast paced, it can be hard to stop and relax. But just going out into the mountains into the fresh air and silence… it just brings me back down to earth and slows everything down.”


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