Michael Mekhitarian

Michael Mekhitarian is passionate about business. And it doesn’t matter if your business employs three people … or twenty three people, Michael believes in the personal freedom you CAN achieve through small business success.

You could say he’s on a mission to make every small business owner a success story.

“I believe in opportunity, and the role that I can play in creating something bigger and better. I want my children and my grandchildren to live in a better place. I want my friends, family and clients to find  success.”

This philosophy ebbs through each and every interaction with his clients.  Read more

Paul Rattray

Chartered Accountant and small business specialist Paul Rattray is very clear about why he does what he does at ATB Accountants.

“It’s pretty simple. I try to make people’s businesses better, so they can achieve the success they deserve. I like helping people, and I get great satisfaction from it.”

Relaxed and optimistic, Paul enjoys being around people – and working hard.

‘‘I like the team here at ATB … it’s a community, and community is so important to me. I try to be a better person each day. If I do that, people around me will be better.”  Read more

Jim Vass

“I like to help people achieve what they believe is impossible … especially in small business. Too many people aren’t prepared to help other people succeed. I want to help.”

After leaving school, Jim enrolled in an accounting course, passed the exams without feeling challenged and in his own words:

“I realised accountancy was a great foundation for being able to go forward into any business you wanted…”

Jim studied in accountancy at university (where he met Paul) and graduated in 1989 … and he’s never looked back. Read more

Samina Rahman


Client Manager

Going to the movies, spending time with friends and family … and crunching the numbers … this is what energises Client Manager Samina.

“I had two choices when I finished school – study marketing or accounting. I chose accountancy and the rest is history.

It’s not just a job. It’s about helping people achieve their financial goals … I get amazing satisfaction from that.”

For most people, crunching the numbers would not be in their top five things to do.

But Samina is a little geeky like that.

“Arm yourself with knowledge and you can achieve anything.”

Samina’s areas of expertise are in tax planning, payroll, financial accounts and client management. And being a working parent is a delicate balance, but one Samina relishes.

“I love being busy and helping people. I love my colleagues; they are an incredible bunch of people. It’s a great community to be a part of.”

Adele Pooley


Client Service Coordinator

“I’m very goal orientated …

I like to get to the end of every day knowing I’ve achieved what I’ve set out to do that day.”

Adele is the smiling, positive face you’ll see in and around the ATB offices. She is the admin whizz and loves the open, straightforward and honest team spirit at ATB.

“I knew I’d fit in well when I was interviewed and I mentioned my motorbike … Jim, Michael and Paul all responded enthusiastically!”

Adele loves learning new things and taking on daily challenges.

On weekends she volunteers at the dog shelter, helping dogs find their forever homes.

Sandy Van Noort


Client Liaison

“I love my job … helping people every day makes me happy. I’m a jack of all trades, and my role here is so varied … I am always busy.”

Sandy has worked alongside Jim, Michael and Paul for 20 years … building long-term relationships with clients … building the business.

If you have a general query, Sandy is the best person to help you. It could be something as simple as not understanding a financial document you were sent …

…or something more complex like explaining an update to taxation law.

You develop a wealth of knowledge and experience over 20 years!

“I love helping clients and I get great satisfaction when they leave happy. Good long-term relationships are very important to me.”

“I also love having a joke around the office … the team at ATB are a great bunch of people and the atmosphere is always good.”

Running after her two boys keeps her busy, and in her downtime she would much prefer to be reading on a beach.

Valerie Anne Catap



“I like numbers and problem solving … and knowing I have improved or added value to someone’s life.”

Valerie  likes to be productive and busy, and she takes nothing for granted. Not easily frustrated, her patient, diligent manner sees her accomplishing milestones for her clients daily.

“My goal is to grow personally and professionally,” says Valerie.

Valerie studied accountancy to fulfil her dream of working with, and supporting, small and medium businesses …

… and she saw her position with ATB as the perfect opportunity to work with a team who were also passionate about supporting and growing businesses.

Helping people, as well as achieving her goals and travelling the world make Valerie smile.

“What excites me the most is finding cheap airfares to beautiful places I haven’t been to yet.”

Besides travel, numbers and problem solving, Valerie likes to spend her weekends watching movies, and videos about cooking.

Delanie Bewert


client services

“The staff here at ATB make each day enjoyable … it’s a great office environment and we always manage to make each other smile.”

Delanie’s is the smiling voice you’ll hear when you call ATB. Often she’ll know how to help and if she doesn’t, she’ll put you through to the right person.

Intensely independent, she values family and friends and would like to see people help others a little more, in order to make a difference.

She’s also a netballer, but don’t hold that against her. Just don’t come up against her in a Centre bib!

Lara Agawin



I love how I wake up every day and get excited to come to work, because not a lot of people get to enjoy that.

Lara has always had a real talent for numbers. She has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Before ATB she worked in a consulting firm in the accounting department where she did auditing; tax; legal and a whole range of complex topics.

But it was when she came to ATB that she really felt like she’d arrived home.

The people at ATB welcome you warmly. You feel like you are in a family.

Lara relishes the challenge of her work and solving problems for her clients.

I like being challenged and that’s what I get with ATB. Because if you do not like being challenged, then you are not on the road where you should be.

She doesn’t mind the fast pace of her work as it is so rewarding.

You feel accomplished at the end of the day and it makes you happy, which is the most important thing.

When Lara is not solving problems for her clients she is happy to chill out at home, reading books, listening to music, spending time with family and friends over food and great conversation.

Beck Paik


Senior Accountant

“I wanted to be a scientist or astronaut when I was younger… when I grew up I realised Accountancy was attractive and challenging… I’m still shooting for the stars, just in a different way”.

Beck Paik likes to be challenged. His role as specialist tax & SMSF accountant gives him new challenges to face daily.

Rather than faze him..it energises him.

‘I enjoy helping people, giving advice, and seeing the outcome.

From simple tax transactions to full service accounting and complex reporting, Beck’s expertise is growing.

“I motivate myself to improve.. And developing my skills through education and learning”.

And besides accounting, Beck says spending time with his wife makes him smile.

And he’d love to travel to New Zealand.


Front of Office Reception

Recent high school graduate Amy Draper has the world at her feet. And, like a many young people her own age, she wanted to experience a little bit of ’life’ before making any big decisions about further study and locking herself into a career.

She was offered an opportunity to join ATB Partners in an administrative support role and is enjoying every aspect of the job.

Amy works on front office reception, so she is the bright voice you hear answering the telephone and the cheerful smile when you step into the office.

Every day is different, she says. Meaning, that she is presented with new experiences, opportunities and tasks – she has to think on her feet, use a lot of initiative, and meet deadlines.

“I’m learning a lot, which is something that’s really important to me – I like to take on new challenges and try new things. I enjoyed business studies at school and this role is allowing me to experience more than just what’s inside a text book. I’m able to put some of what I know to practical use, but I’m also really expanding on my knowledge.”

As someone who lives by the guiding principles of respect, honesty, loyalty, kindness, Amy has found a welcoming ‘tribe’ at ATB who share similar values and Amy says this has made her first foray into the world of business very easy.

“Before I started, I was a little nervous and not sure what to expect, but everyone welcomed me in like family. I was able to settle in, within a few days. The team is always willing to help me, answer my questions and make sure I understand the information they are providing me with. They’re always checking in, to see how I’m getting on, and I feel very supported. There’s a lot of banter and laughter, which is a great antidote for the times when things do get stressful.”

“I’m really grateful that I have this opportunity – to experience first-hand what ‘business’ is like – I enjoy helping people. The role is shaping my thoughts about my career. and it’s a very worthwhile experience.”


Client Services Administrator

With a varied background which includes hospitality, online teaching and insurance, one of ATB’s newest recruits, Charleene has exceptional organisational skills a strong client service philosophy which she says is inspired by a quote by actor Denzel Washington, “Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.”

“If I can help in any small way, to make sure a deadline is met, or take some responsibilities to lessen the load for someone else, then that’s a good feeling. I love working with clients, helping them to get the information they need, when they need it. My job is different every day, and that’s one of the things I love most about what I do.”

This attitude is perfect for her role as Client Services Administrator. This vital support function is vital to ensuring that clients receive the service they need, and have come to expect from the ATB team.

When she’s not working, Charleene spends her time baking, keeping fit, and exercising with her dogs.



Ana is a Certified Practicing Accountant who joins ATB after working in a role as a dedicated SMSF accountant. She says she joined ATB because of the opportunities to continue to work with SMSFs, but also to broaden her skill set into other areas of accounting.

Her philosophy when working with clients is to make a contribution that helps to further their own business objectives, using her skills and experience to improve their operations and help them to reach their goals.

Outside of work, Ana loves to cook for family and friends. “Food is my way of expressing my love for them,” she says. “And I enjoy being creative in the kitchen – working with different cooking styles, and experimenting with flavours.”



Having just graduated from university, with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Degree, Eugene is the newest member of ATB, joining the firm at the beginning of 2021.

“It’s important for us to develop young talent,” says ATB Partner Michael Mekhitarian. “We make a commitment to hiring new grads when we have the right positions available.

It’s an important part of our business culture to nurture young talent, and ensure that young people get the right opportunities that will not just progress their careers but also enable them to contribute along the way, to the evolution and development of the wider profession, ” he says.

Eugene will be working across as many areas of the business to give him a good understanding of the depth and breadth of service that ATB offers to clients, and to provide him with as much exposure as possible to real problems faced by real small businesses.

Eugene is eager to learn, and says he is confident that he will benefit greatly from the diverse skills within the team at ATB. Outside of work, Eugene enjoys cycling and spending time with friends and family.

Eugene has a lot of enthusiasm and the plan is to get his career off to a solid start,” says Michael Mekhitarian.



Febie has joined the ATB team as a bookkeeper working with a variety of clients across the firm.

Although Febie is an ‘accidental bookkeeper’, wanting originally to be an architect or an engineer, but instead following friends into accounting, it is a role she has grown to love because it has a clear and stable career path and presents her with challenges which make every day different.

Having studied Business Administration, majoring in Management Accounting, Febie enjoys using her knowledge to help clients achieve their business objectives. Her client philosophy is to undertake every single task with diligence.

Why? “Because,” she says, “I’m handling other people’s money! I want to reciprocate the trust clients have in me with hard work.”

When Febie is not working hard for clients enjoys cycling, motorcycling, spending time in nature and exploring places she’s never been.


Client Services

Prior to joining ATB, Prishika worked in several roles within the financial planning industry, building her experience in superannuation and insurance. She also has a Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University and a Diploma in Financial Planning (RG146).

Prishika’s passion for financial planning lies in helping clients to put in place the right strategies to help them achieve their life goals, their savings goals and their retirement goals.

“This is a job where you really get to know people, and I like being part of their journey. It’s a nice feeling to have helped someone to get ahead financially and achieve the things they want,” she says.

Outside of work, Prishika likes to travel and keep fit. She also manages a part-time online business with her sister, which gives her an outlet for her entrepreneurial mindset.

Prishika is also President of Business Network International (BNI), Elevate Parramatta.

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