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Business Accounting Software

“We were one of the first tax accountants in the country to go paperless almost 20 years ago because we are always looking at better ways to serve our clients. The cloud-based philosophy really moved us, and we wanted to find out how this new technology could add value to us and to our clients. And we’ve never looked back.” Michael Mekhitarian, Director, ATB Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors.


Why cloud accounting is good for your business

Real time figures are your secret weapon.

If you want your business to work smarter and faster, cloud accounting software is a wise investment.

It is efficient and cost effective because you don’t need to maintain servers, data file backups and data bases.

Cloud-based accounting software gives your business the best chance of success

Here at ATB, we partner with entrepreneurial business owners just like you, across an incredibly diverse range of industries.

We tailor dynamic, flexible and responsive accounting software to provide end-to-end, cloud-based accounting software solutions.

Let us add value to your business with cloud accounting software Australia

Our tailored cloud-based accounting software enables you to:

  • view, analyse and work on your data in real time, every time, from anywhere in the world
  • get paid quickly and boost your bottom line
  • dramatically reduce the hours spent on bookkeeping
  • easily and quickly create and send invoices, quotes and receipts, and track invoices and payments anywhere and anytime on your phone
  • stay organised and run a better business
  • improve accuracy and increase efficiency
    eliminate manual data entry with receipt scanning tools
  • simplify tax compliance
About ATB Chartered Accountants - Small Business
About ATB Chartered Accountants - Small Business

Cloud-based software that lets you spend your time on what really matters

“We implemented Xero for a client recently who spent most Saturdays ‘doing the books’.

He called us last week and said he was able to go to his son’s soccer match for the first time on a Saturday … invoicing and collecting payment on the spot had literally given time back to him … it changed his life. That’s what keeps us doing what we do.” Paul Rattray ATB Chartered Accountants

We’ll look at the best option for you

We are proud to be partnered with many gold standard cloud-based software solutions. But we don’t play favourites. We take a detailed look at your needs and make recommendations to fit your specific requirements. Some of the software we recommend includes:

About ATB Chartered Accountants - Small Business
About ATB Chartered Accountants - Small Business

We take care of the setup and ongoing training

Set up for cloud-based accounting software is quick and easy. Because it runs through your browser, any computer with an internet connection can gain access from anywhere in the world.

Once your data has been migrated to the cloud-based programme, we provide you with all the necessary training to ensure you have access to your data.

Five good reasons to move to a cloud-based accounting software solution

1. Real Time Figures

You have a clear overview of your current financial position, in real-time, anytime, anywhere in the world.

2. Accessibility and Portability

Multi-user access makes it easy to collaborate online with your team and advisors.

3. Efficiency

Automatic updates mean you can spend more time doing what you love.


4. User-Friendly

Everything is run online, so there’s nothing to install and everything is backed up automatically. Updates are free and instantly available.

5. Cost Effective and Stress-Free!

Upfront business costs are reduced – version upgrades, maintenance, system administration costs and server failures are no longer issues. Instead, they are managed by the cloud service provider.

About ATB Chartered Accountants - Small Business

Xero Gold Partners

Xero is the fastest growing cloud-based accounting software in Australia … connecting people with the right numbers anytime, on any device, anywhere in the world.

And it’s no secret that although we are accountants and financial planners, deep down we’re technology junkies here at ATB. We are constantly searching for new ways to improve our clients’ businesses.

We found a better way with Xero. Like most cloud-based accounting packages, Xero allows you access to real time figures. Real time figures can mean the difference between staying above the line or sinking below, fast.

So what does it mean to be a Xero Gold Partner and how can it benefit you? Find out here.

Are you ready to say goodbye to paper?

Contact us to find out how ATB Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors can transform your business with a fully tailored end-to-end cloud-based accountancy software system. Real time figures are your secret weapon. It’s time to make the change.