JCurve Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Powered by NetSuite, JCurve is an integrated cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system designed for small and growing businesses. Bringing together business process management and data across the entire business into a single application.

ERP software can manage all your business processes, including important financial information, utilising a single database. It allows all users to access consistent, accurate information from a single source of truth, online and in real time.

JCurve Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Real-time data

The number one benefit of cloud-based accounting software to businesses is real-time access to data.

Everyone in your team has the same up-to-the-minute information, whether you’re in the office or out. You can log in and see data, reports and analysis straight away.


The cloud has a bad reputation for security, but in reality there are significant advantages of cloud computing.

Secure servers are kept in temperature controlled data centers, information is protected by 128-bit encryption, robust password policies allow for IP address restriction if needed, along with role-level access restrictions and idle disconnection policies, all with inbuilt backups and redundancy programs.

JCurve Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Disaster recovery

With regular backups and system maintenance, cloud-based software provide for easy disaster recovery.

Most cloud vendors generally provide data backups and keep your information safe and secure.

Remote access & flexibility

Your employees can work from anywhere with cloud-based computing software.

You can access from your desktop in the office, or on your laptop while travelling or at home – anywhere you have access to the internet.

JCurve Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Reducing cost of updates and maintenance

Delivered seamlessly via regular updates, the cloud-based software vendor will generally take care of maintenance and updates as part of you subscription fees and you’ll always have the latest version, with the latest security upgrades.

Subscription pricing

With cloud-based software solutions, your subscription fees include all your costs, usually a monthly or yearly fee, based on the number of users you have.

This differs from traditional solutions which require licence fees and maintenance charges as well as upgrade expenses. 

Subscription pricing allows you to have access to the same technology as bigger companies, for a fraction of the cost.

Easier implementation

Cloud-based software solutions are generally much quicker to implement due to the lack of physical equipment and requirement for on-premises support.

As setup is online – systems can be installed and customised quickly.

Training can also be quicker, due to online accessibility and storage.

Version control and collaboration

With data in the cloud, everyone has access to the same information – there’s “one version of truth”.  No more duplications or multiple copies of files – it’s all in the one place.

With a cloud solution, your reports always reflect information taken from the one database, streamlining your collaboration.

JCurve Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Simplify and streamline

With everyone having access to the same information, processes can become streamlined and systems become standardised, locally, nationally and globally.

Everyone can follow the same processes across the business.

This allows for easy review of processes to ensure best customer experience and frees up resources to focus on strategy and business growth.

Best practice

Cloud-based software allows users to suggest upgrades and improvements, ensuring that the developer is aware of issues and resulting in best practice software systems.

As an added bonus, you often have access to forums where other users ask questions and provide suggestions that you can also use in your business, giving you great insights and possible solutions.

Stay Competitive

Cloud-based software helps you stay competitive, giving you up-to-date and current insight into how your business is running and how it can be improved to keep growing in the future.

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