Client Portal

Why use our Secure ATB Client Portal

Think of our ATB Client Portal as similar to your Online Banking website. For our Practice, this is where our clients can log into their own personalised secure area to access documents, files, accounting data, and financial reports.

All documents that we share with you via our secure Client Portal can be accessed at any time, from any Internet enabled device (PC, tablet, Smart Phone) so if you need a copy of your tax return, assessment notice, financial statements or correspondence you can access them 24 hours a day.

You will receive an automatic email each time we share a document with you, which includes a link to login to your ATB Client Portal. Simply login, and view the document.

All documents that you wish to share with us can be uploaded into your Portal at any time. We automatically receive an email each time you share a document or file.

You can also use your secure area to store files and documents in a safe, secure environment. You can create your own secure private folders for important documents.

Many of the benefits we now take for granted in relation to our banking are now available for your financial information. For example:

1. 24 hour/7 day a week access
2. Ability to upload and download large data files
3. Disaster recovery management in case of fire, flood etc.
4. Updated personal details
5. A copy of all checklists and files submitted to us is stored in the secured area for your records.