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We love small business

At ATB Accountants we are passionate about, and believe in, small business. We’re business owners too, so we understand on a very deep level the challenges you are facing.

We’ve made it our mission to help you navigate the curious and chaotic world of small business – the tax maze, the cashflow nightmare, gross margins, profit margin, superannuation, debtors …

Running a business can be tough

Are you experiencing cash flow problems?, Are you struggling with ATO debt, long hours, confusing accounts and uncertainty?

Is your accountant there when you need them most?

It’s not always roses and sunshine … and it may not be working out quite the way you’d planned.

About ATB Chartered Accountants - Small Business

What Is a Virtual Outsourced CFO Australia?

In short, a virtual Chief Financial Officer makes certain that the expertise your business demands will be there for the task — when it needs it.

More affordable and convenient than numerous in-house specialists, a Virtual CFO can fulfil numerous roles. This can include payroll manager, bookkeeper, market forecaster, or accountant.

As, let’s face it, most SMEs cannot afford a full-time employee in each of these job descriptions. Yet each area of expertise is vital.

So instead, our Virtual CFO Service slots a remote expert into these roles — as and when required. With no salaries, holiday pay, benefits, or office space and equipment to budget for.

The bottom line — your essential financial and reporting tasks are completed by us speedily, efficiently, and accurately.

And being a virtual CFO in Australia, we can support your business whether you are in Sydney, country NSW, any other Australian state, or even overseas, as is the case for the UK-based DASH Water.

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We are passionate business mentors

Our complete end-to-end five-step small business process gives you the chance to take back the control you’ve lost along the way – and find the passion for business you had when you started your journey.

As vastly experienced chartered accountants, business mentors and financial planners, we guide and nurture you from our offices in Parramatta.

As proactive, self-confessed technology geeks, we have many clients we see remotely, so we can make as much of a difference to your business in Hobart, as to a business in North Ryde.

What Is a Virtual Outsourced CFO Australia?

As one of the best Virtual CFO services providers in Sydney, we take pride in our approach to remote assistance.

Together, we look at the whole of your business — asking questions such as:

  • What does the business do?
  • How is it organised?
  • What components can be automated?
  • What is the most efficient way to achieve task completion?
  • Who is best suited to doing these jobs?
  • How do we free up key personnel time — so they can work on their business instead of in their business?
  • What areas in your business have risk, and how do we mitigate them?
  • What can we do to help you achieve profit and growth?

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    Virtual CFO FAQs

    What Is a Virtual Outsourced CFO?

    A Virtual Chief Financial Officer gives remote advice and assistance services on business financials, strategy, and planning.

    More affordable than an internal professional, they offer a cost-effective solution that can accelerate your turnover, profitability, and growth.

    Why Should I Use CFO Services?

    Virtual CFOs are experts in their field. Trusting your financials, ledgers, cash flow, and planning them releases you to concentrate on the areas in your business where you enjoy and excel.

    Will an Outsourced CFO Service in Sydney Help My Business?

    Yes! Outsourcing your CFO saves you the expense of an in-house professional, yet allows you to benefit from their financial knowledge and strategising.

    Being able to see the bigger picture, they can find solutions and opportunities that you may overlook.

    Why Choose Us at ATB Partners Chartered Accountants?

    Always professional, but with a friendly approach, ATB Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors offer CFO services backed by years of financial and business experience across multiple sectors.

    Creating packages that address your business’s needs, we ensure cost-effective solutions that drive success, promote growth, and add value.

    What Are the Advantages of a Virtual CFO?

    The benefits of utilising a Virtual Remote CFO include:

    • Being more cost-effective than a full-time CFO employee.
    • Receiving financial services and advice from industry professionals.
    • Freeing you to focus on other areas of your business.
    • Seeing missed opportunities.
    • Flexibility — available as and when you need them.
    • Providing a specialist in the areas you need.

    How Much Does It Cost for Virtual CFO Services?

    With ATB Partners – Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors, you’re assured of tailored Virtual CFO services that meet the needs of your business.

    This means you pay only for what you need, not what you don’t. This keeps costs down, and avoids the high expense of an internal CFO.

    What Are Fixed Fees?

    We develop a tailored package of Virtual CFO services and we also agree monthly fees. This gives you assurance and certainty — knowing that those services will be delivered and costs remain constant.

    What Is the Correct Time To Engage a Virtual CFO?

    It’s always a good time to seek the advice and guidance of a financial and business expert to gain a business advantage.

    CFOs can help startups on the correct accounting and reporting path, assist existing SMEs move from a period of stagnation to growth, and provide long-established businesses with improved resource allocation.

    How Do I Get Started With a Virtual CFO Service?

    Just call us. We begin by taking an overview of your business’s current financial and strategic position, discuss any challenges you anticipate, and look at your ambitions and targets.

    From there, we ensure that your ledgers, taxation, and compliance are completed timely — while offering insight and advice on planning and problem-solving.

    How Does Our Online CFO Service Work?

    With cloud-based accounting and reporting, together with online video conferencing — we are always available and with your financials at our fingertips.

    Furthermore, you can access your financial records and position at any time — you’re always in control.

    Where Are You Located?

    While our offices are in Parramatta, Sydney — our Virtual CFO Service is offered Australia-wide.