How ATB Partners helped Want Access find clarity, consistency, and profit


Michael is not your typical accountant – he’s a people person, and very good at forming one on one relationships

More than just accounting, ATB specialise in proactive business partnerships, and forming long standing relationships with their clients, so it’s no surprise to find that Peter Gilmore, of WANT ACCESS, counts Michael Mekhitarian as one of his close friends now.

Michael was my accountant first, and over the years a friendship has formed, as well as a deeper business relationship


The key to success

As supplier of scissor lifts and boom lifts to the construction sector, and employer of 4 – 6 staff, Want Access needed clarity and consistency in their business and accounting needs.

Since 1994, I have bought and sold many businesses successfully,  and have called on Michael’s guidance and advice many, many times.  

‘When we did the Want Access start up in 2014 we went straight to Michael and ATB.  We knew we needed to do things in a timely and professional way and we needed a plan’

We were very nervous about going to to a new company (we were one of ATB’s first clients) and we weren’t sure that moving over to a start-up was a good idea. But our worries were soon alleviated when they continued to perform and grow, as did we’.

Michael’s ability to solve problems and perform instilled confidence in us…as well as his understanding of our business needs. We were able to trust in his advice and take our business to the next level’.

Holding hands every step of the way

Working closely with ATB is streamlined and efficient. Want Access Pty Ltd have a dedicated accountant, and they speak or email when needs arise. They also engage with every member of staff at ATB and most importantly, trust them with their financial information.

At the end of each month, we work together to finalise that period, and it’s a process that just flows’.

In addition, Michael and Samina (their dedicated Client Manager) also attend monthly sales and operational meetings with key staff to go through the profit and loss statements, business goals, KPIs and to plan for the future.

So we can reach our goals, and plan for success, key staff need to understand certain financial aspects of our business;

1. costs and direct costs
2. profits and the impact of spending on future profit.
3. The impact of revenue v profit.
4. KPI’s and how to better drive results.

‘Michael and ATB attend every meeting, are very involved in these processes.’

From uncertainty to certainty...

‘When we were on the path at the beginning, but we didn’t know what the path looked like. Our financial records didn’t reflect our desire to succeed’ says Peter.

A partnership that delivers

‘ATB spent time with us in detailed strategy meetings….looking closely at defining our business goals, and creating achievable strategy and business plan.

“We are now organised, streamlined and efficient, thanks to advances in cloud accounting software…and our new success reflects this.

We were guided down the right path with directions given by Michael and the team at ATB…and we credit them with our successes’

Challenges along the way

‘Our greatest challenge was how to facilitate the growth of our business. In order to grow, we needed to find investors. ATB accountants were invaluable in helping us to successfully grow the business through attracting investors, and we were able to fund the business accordingly.

‘We wouldn’t be where we are today without Michael’s help’.

Peter says everyone he deals with in the ATB office are extremely knowledgeable and helpful… a pleasure to do business with.

‘It feels like we have a partnership with ATB… our relationship is so close’.

The impact of cloud-based accounting

Cloud-based accountancy has also had a major impact on running the business.

We started off in business in a very basic way, with MYOB, manually entering and processing everything.

Xero has had a massive impact on our business’ says Peter

‘It has improved the day to day running of the business, improved efficiency and helps with planning and budgeting – it keeps us looking forward each and every day’.

Growth Growth and more Growth!

For Want Access, the ongoing relationship with ATB has been absolutely crucial, as their understanding of their business, business model and market ensures success to their bottom line.

‘ATB have enabled us to really maximise our exposure in the construction sector and solidify our position in the industry.

Our return on investment has been massive….

Something we wouldn’t have been able to achieve without ATB.’

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