It's not the destination ... it's the journey that counts

Michael joins the board of the Australian Motor Heritage Foundation

Those of you who know me well know that when I’m not working with small businesses, my other passion is motorbikes and cars — vintage cars, modern cars, race cars — just about any car.

In fact, a lot of the business analogies we use here at ATB relate to being behind the wheel, taking control of the journey.

Well, I’m delighted to announce that I have just taken a role as a Director and Treasurer of the Australian Motor Heritage Foundation.

As a motoring enthusiast this really excites me, but I’m also really drawn to the Foundation’s aim to preserve and promote the history of the motor industry.

By Michael Mekhitarian 

Celebrating Australia's motoring history

We’re a country that was built on, and continues to rely on, travel by road. Our history of vehicles is nothing short of fascinating.

It had enormous significance in our manufacturing past, which contributed greatly to our economy for many decades, and in fact, changed the lives of many Australians, enabling freedom through personal travel …

A ride down memory lane

There’s the post-war boom, the Ford versus Holden rivalry, and of course, the Bathurst 1000 which used to have a national and international following in the 70s, 80s and 90s before cigarettes, car pollution, tight pants and handlebar mustaches went out of fashion….

Supercars reinvented the format and still have a national and international following.

Needless to say, I’m absolutely delighted to be taking this role with the AMHF, helping the organisation to fulfill its aim.

The adventure begins ...

I am looking forward to being able to deliver skills and experience to the role, to ensure that the foundation helps to build a strong legacy. So that our children and grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren can learn from, and celebrate, the richness of our motoring heritage and the lessons from the past that have brought us here … to an industry that is still undergoing fast-paced, exciting change, turbo-charged  by innovation and new technologies which will drive it into the future in ways we can only begin to imagine.

This is also a chance for me to give back, and I’m grateful for that. Accountancy has provided me with a wonderful career. It has also enabled me to travel the world —  to ride a motor bike through the mountains of Nepal, and from New Orleans to Key West via the Carolinas. I’ve even been lucky enough to ride a Harley across America’s mid-west.

Now, being able to give back, using my years of experience to benefit an organisation I’m so passionate about feels pretty good – it feels a bit like it does when you hit the freeway out of town….

The adventure is only just beginning.


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