Xero Add-ons – Customising your Xero experience

ATB Partners are cloud based accounting software  specialists, having moved to a paperless environment more than 20 years ago.

Improving our clients systems and processes is top of mind for ATB Partners and providing customised accounting software to meet our client’s needs is at the core of our values.

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud based accounting software for small to medium businesses.

You can use Xero to manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping & much much more.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are customised modules that add specific functionality to your Xero platform.

Xero is a high quality accounting system in its own right, however these add-ons have been specifically developed for Xero, and are fully integrated into the Xero platform to extend its functionality.

ATB Partners Director Michael Mekhitarian says “Xero has an incredible range of add-on software apps in the Xero Add-on Partners network. They include a variety of CRM’s (Customer Relationships Manager), Transport, Logistics, Inventory, Receipt Bank, Scheduling, Cash Flow Forecasting apps and many more.”

Xero’s library of add-ons

Xero has over 600+ add-ons in their library, they enable businesses to address certain aspects of their business that are unique to them, such as inventory management, POS software, automated creditor modules such as receipt bank.

Things like payment facilities like Square or PayPal, CRMs or marketing tools like Salesforce, e-commerce modules, payroll and HR such as Smart Payroll, Employment Hero.

Michael says “some are top tier, some are lighter, but the point is that when you’re in the Xero eco system, you are not restricted by the Xero architecture.”

For example…trades businesses

There’s a multitude of 3rd party programs that are specifically built towards industries. For example, simPro and WorkflowMax are designed for trades businesses.

Xero’s out of the box solution has the ability to manage payroll you would use an add-on to manage 3rd party contractors, specifically in the detail of creating a project with milestones.

Michael says “in some cases you need more that the base Xero product, if you’re running a larger construction or trades business, Simpro can enable you to drive efficiencies in your business.”

Customised for your business

Michael says “so these add-ons deal with a particular issue that is important to you.”

You can have multiple warehouses or multiple brands, or with e commerce, you can link websites with ecommerce facilities directly to your Xero file.

“POS like Bend and Square, when you’re with them it pushes it all in to Xero. Square means you can take a payment on the spot when you provide a service, it has open APIs, so integration with other software is two ways mostly, push and pull.”

Seamless integration

Michael says you can “provide quotes, lock in pricing for materials to prepare a proper quote and then push it in to Xero for ordering.

“Real efficiencies driven in to a business. It’s bringing enterprise style software in to small business.”

Unlimited options

The add-ons are not limited, as they grow, the efficiencies allow your business to grow quicker. Michael says that’s “a huge advantage.”

“For example we’re working with a client who uses inventory management with multiple warehouses that need to transfer between them, and track what’s where. You need a software system that is quite sophisticated in inventory.”

“There’s a Xero add-on called Unleashed that will do the invoicing of stock, then that info gets synced to Xero and the financial management then happens out of Xero.”

Support for Add-ons

The suppliers of add-ons have support teams and there’s usually a range of support options.

Michael recommends that clients “come to ATB Chartered Accountants with their requirements initially”.

ATB Chartered Accountants look at best add-on options available, we have great relationships with the individual providers, and can choose one that best meets our clients needs.

Michael says “add-ons are fantastic things, when set up and run properly, business owners can manage all the details of their business.”

How ATB can help customise Xero

ATB are proud Gold Partners with Xero, our team works in partnership with our clients to get the most out of the cutting edge, cloud based accounting software. In his article, our Director Michael Mekhitarian explains some of the ways clients can benefit and add value to their business by moving to Xero.

Fast-track and simplify for success

As your pro-active accountant, we understand your business and we have a solid business model in place for growth and success.

Add value to your business by fast-tracking and simplifying your business processes.

Take it to the next level

We can help by advising, implementing and integrating these apps with Xero to really take your business to the next level.

Contact ATB Chartered Accountants to expand your opportunities.